Is the British Government “Too Late”? Why it is only a matter of time before it collapses, even with a new prime minister | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Is the British Government “Too Late”? Why it is only a matter of time before it collapses, even with a new prime minister

The countdown to regime change has begun.

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Former Finance Minister Rishi Snak is expected to become the new Prime Minister/Afro

Former Finance Minister Rishi Snak (42) is set to replace Prime Minister Riz Truss, who resigned after 44 days in office, the shortest in British history. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was expected to make a “comeback,” announced that he would not run, and House of Commons Majority Leader Penny Mordaunt, who was a strong candidate, gave up her candidacy.

The UK will have its youngest and first Indian prime minister since the 20th century, but the correct view of the party leadership race this time seems to be that “it is too late for anyone else”.

Criticisms flew that the major tax cut package presented by Mr. Truss was not feasible, while at the same time, it was a plan that would cater to a certain segment of his supporters, such as the wealthy and large corporations. The international community was concerned that the tax cuts would widen the gap, and this caused turmoil in the financial markets, resulting in a triple depreciation of the pound, stock prices, and bonds.

As a result, the Truss administration’s final approval rating fell to an all-time low of 7% and the disapproval rating to 77%. The election to choose the official candidate, which unfolded under unprecedented circumstances, did not cause any upheaval and went as expected,” said a desk clerk at a national newspaper’s international department.

To begin with, the sharp decline in the approval rating of the administration is not solely the fault of Mr. Truss himself. The fact is that a large-scale tax cut to combat inflation had been a pledge of the Johnson administration. Rather than admonishing his predecessor, Truss’ successor should be placed in a position to take responsibility for the mess.

According to a poll released on October 21 by the British research firm YouGov, the Conservative Party has a large margin of support for the largest opposition party, the Labour Party, at 56% to 19%. In light of this, Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer strongly condemned the decision not to hold a general election at this time.

Considering the current level of support, the Conservative Party has no other choice but to ignore the voices of those who are calling for a general election, as was the case in Canada in 1993, when the ruling Progressive Conservative Party suffered a historic defeat, losing 167 of its 169 seats in the Canadian Parliament. If the British parliament is dissolved, it is highly likely that the situation will be comparable to such a tragedy.

In addition, the fact that the new prime minister, Mr. Snake, was involved in the “Johnson down” campaign only a few months ago has made him unpopular with some party members who still support Mr. Johnson. There is no possibility that the Conservative Party will be completely split in the next general election.

In short, no matter who the next prime minister will be, there is a good chance that the next general election will bring a change of government.

International journalist Toshihiro Yamada, who is a former prime minister of Japan, says, “The 7% approval rating is not a very high figure.

The 7% approval rating can be taken as an indication of the anger of the British people at the fact that the Conservative Party has been changing its leadership for the past several years based solely on internal party elections. There is probably a lot of resentment that they are mocking the voters by changing heads without their permission while they are in power.

This will have a negative impact on Japan’s external relations as well, because when a new prime minister arrives at each G7 meeting, other countries will neglect the top leadership, saying, “Just talk to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The impression will be bad, and we could lose our international influence.

The last prime minister appointed by Queen Elizabeth before her death stepped down prematurely, and the British parliament is likely to remain in turmoil. The British parliament is still in turmoil. The country faces major challenges after the death of its great monarch.

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