Yamashiki’s Ouster is a “Disgrace”… “Countdown” Begins as PM Kishida Becomes Unhinged | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yamashiki’s Ouster is a “Disgrace”… “Countdown” Begins as PM Kishida Becomes Unhinged

Kishida is "already a mess," aides reveal terminal symptoms of his administration

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Prime Minister Kishida stands in reply at the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives. His eyes show no signs of high spirits. Former Minister Yamagai, standing behind him… Photo: Yoshio Tsunoda/Afro

Minister in charge of economic revitalization, Daishiro Yamashii, has “finally” been removed from his post.

When asked about his relationship with the former Unification Church in the Diet, he repeatedly denied knowing anything about it. When confronted with photographic evidence of his relationship with President Han Tsuruko, he could only say, “I don’t have the documents…” or “I am not sure of my memory. Finally, he lost his way and fell from the Cabinet.

Yamashiki’s fingers were trembling.

According to a close aide, Prime Minister Kishida had been closely observing Yamagai’s every move for the past month. He saw Yamagai’s trembling fingertips, nervous, dry lips, and constant gaze, and decided to remove him from office.

Last week On the evening of the 18th Prime Minister Kishida and Deputy Governor Taro Aso were alone in the Prime Minister’s Office at the Prime Minister’s Office at the Prime Minister’s Office at the Prime Minister’s Office at the Prime Minister’s Office at the Prime Minister’s Office. They talked for more than 20 minutes. “On the evening of the 18th last week, Prime Minister Kishida and Vice President Aso were alone in the Prime Minister’s office of the Prime Minister’s Office at the Prime Minister’s Office. At that time, they agreed on the appointment of Mr. Taishiro Yamashii, Minister of State for Economic Revitalization. The conclusion was that, depending on his answer in the Diet, he might be able to revive the economy, but if he failed to do so, Yamashiki would have to be removed from office.

Kishida was on his way to Australia when the decision to remove him was made.

At the meeting, Aso said.

At the meeting, Vice President Aso said, “If the Diet session is stormed by the opposition parties’ questioning, the administration will not be able to survive. The session cannot be extended.

Prime Minister Kishida responded, “We will not be able to extend the session.

Prime Minister Kishida replied, “We must avoid at all costs any impact on the compilation of the comprehensive economic stimulus package at the end of the month. We have reached our limit. We have no choice but to ask him to resign. .”

He replied. This close aide testified that such an exchange took place between the two leaders of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Former Minister Yamagai said that since the shooting of former Prime Minister Abe, he has been so stressed that he has been unable to sleep properly. Yamagai studied veterinary medicine at a local national university. Yamagai, who studied veterinary medicine at a local national university, has never been a sociable politician and has become increasingly reticent during the past few months, according to a member of the Aso faction.

Yamagai, along with former Economic and Security Minister Takayuki Kobayashi and former Digital Minister Karen Makishima, were known as the ‘young three-way glass’ of the former secretary general’s Amari team. During the Kishida reshuffle, Amari wanted one of the three to remain in office, and he strongly urged through Mr. Aso that Yamagai remain in the cabinet. Yamagai was thus retained, but he had not reported his relationship with the former Unification Church to Prime Minister Kishida or Secretary General Mogi. In hindsight, he ended up betraying Prime Minister Kishida and the LDP.

Shameful “plenary session apology

Prime Minister Kishida acknowledged his responsibility for the appointment, bowed deeply, and apologized in the plenary session of the Diet. This was extremely unusual. Kenta Izumi, representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), said, “I am afraid that we can no longer hide it any longer.

I think he resigned because he could no longer hide it any longer. At the same time, it has become clear how poor Prime Minister Kishida’s decision-making ability is. The resignation of the minister in charge of economic measures and the suspension of the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy at a time when people’s lives are reaching the limit of their endurance due to the weak yen and high prices are causing great confusion. If the Kishida administration is left in charge of the economic stimulus measures, such delays are likely to occur again. Any administration that has lost credibility should step down immediately.”

Indeed, Prime Minister Kishida is in a state of confusion, according to a METI carrier.

A METI official said that Prime Minister Kishida is in a state of confusion. I don’t know what to do. . Moreover, the LP gas measures, but Prime Minister Kishida has repeatedly stated that he would take measures, leaving METI in confusion.

It was supposed to be a pillar of the new capitalism. NISA The FSA is at a loss.

Another bureaucrat expressed his concern as follows.

What I was surprised to see was that the answer to the former Unification Church’s request for dissolution was always changing from one answer to the next. I don’t know if it is possible to request the dissolution of the church even if it is a violation of civil law or not. The secretaries in the Prime Minister’s Office are scratching their heads.

Rumors of Prime Minister Kishida’s unrest are also coming from the Liberal Democratic Party’s National Policy Bureau. This is because, although Prime Minister Kishida has been held accountable for his appointments in the Budget Committee, no prime minister has ever apologized in the plenary session of the Diet for such an action. A LDP official on national affairs was extremely grumpy, saying, “Yamashita’s ouster is a major blow to the opposition.

The opposition parties have taken credit for Yamashina’s ouster. Prime Minister Kishida gave an unorthodox explanation for the change of ministers and apologized. The extension of the Diet session was held hostage. This is impossible. It is a great disgrace, as if the Kishida administration is being exposed to the world as a dead body.

The LDP’s National Diet and the Diet Steering Committee have been forced to go along with Kishida’s cowardice, and the opposition parties are playing them for fools. Moreover, Yamashina’s successor, former Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare Shigeyuki Goto, was appointed as a member of the prosecution committee, so now that he has joined the cabinet, the appointment process has to start all over again. What in the world has Prime Minister Kishida gotten himself into?

Prime Minister Kishida has been deviating from the rules of politics and has been “responding” to the situation as he sees fit. A year after taking office, the people are still suffering from the weak yen and high prices and cannot shake off their distrust of LDP politics, which is tainted by the former Unification Church. The appointment of his eldest son as secretary was also ineffective. The countdown to power can be heard.

  • Interview and text by Shotaro Iwashiro Photo: Yoshio Tsunoda/Afro Yoshio Tsunoda/Afro

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