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Mei Nagano’s Hybrid Acting in “My Broken Mariko

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Mei Nagano shows her new talent as an actress in the movie “My Broken Mariko

Mei Nagano stars in the much talked-about movie “My Broken Mariko”. Mei Nagano, who plays the main character Shino, took the stage on October 10 to greet the audience at a stage greeting to celebrate the blockbuster hit. The secret story behind the making of the film was told once again, leaving many fans speechless.

The film is based on the manga of the same title by manga artist Waka Hirako. In order to save the soul of her best friend Mariko Ikagawa (Nao), who took her own life, Shinotoomoyo (Nagano), who works for a black company, goes on a journey after robbing the remains of her poisoned parents.

The story is full of innovative characterization and a sense of speed. And the coolness of the main character, Shino, who goes forward even though there is no answer, has pierced the hearts of the audience, and there are many repeat viewers who come to the movie theaters again and again,” said a person involved in the wide-screen industry.

In order to play this role, Nagano got used to wearing Dr. Martens (shoes) 11 months before the shooting and started practicing smoking four months before. When he took the stage to greet the audience at the opening of the film, he also said

I am proud that I was able to create a film that I definitely want people to see,” he said.

He looked at Nao and held back tears at one point. At the blockbuster stage greeting, he wielded a kitchen knife and robbed Mariko’s remains. She also described the scene in which she jumps from a second-floor window and tumbles into the November River.

I didn’t feel cold or tired, and I only have the impression that I enjoyed the scene.

I didn’t feel cold or hard at all.

Nagano’s performance as Shino, who runs barefoot, smokes cigarettes, and cries out, exposing all of her rapidly changing emotions, including sorrow over the loss of Mariko, confusion, anger, regret, and frustration, is a masterpiece. She confesses, “I enjoyed exposing everything,” “This film was a turning point for me,” and “I met a film that made me think I want to live in this world. “I met a work that made me feel like I want to live in this world,” she confessed.

For Mei Nagano, this work broke new ground. Nao, who is also a good friend in private life, saw Nagano’s performance up close and personal.

She is a good friend of Nagano’s in private life, and after seeing Nagano’s performance up close, she said, “The synergy between Shii’s charm and Meiku’s own charm was so strong that I couldn’t think of anyone else but Meiku to play the role.

The film is described as “a hybrid of Meiku Nagano’s charm and Meiku’s own charm.

Looking back, ever since her debut, Mei Nagano’s style as an actress has been to go head-to-head with her “true self.

Nagano made her debut as a child actress at the age of 10. However, she was unable to find good roles, and in her third year of junior high school, she thought about giving up acting. Just then, she passed an audition for the heroine in the movie “Ore Monogatari” starring Ryohei Suzuki. starring Ryohei Suzuki. After reading the original manga, she realized that she and the heroine, Rinko, were a bit alike, so she decided to play the role without making up a character and won the heroine’s role as “just herself.

In her third year of high school, she auditioned for a role in the morning drama “Half Blue” (NHK) because she felt that “only Suzu Ai could play the role as it is without any restraint. (NHK). She won the title of national actress and told Eriko Kitagawa, who wrote the script, “I found a sparrow. Please fly far, Ms. Nagano.

However, the range of her acting would be limited if she only acted as her “real self. Feeling this way, after appearing in the morning drama, Nagano appeared in the drama “3nen A-gumi: From Now on, You Are All Hostages” (NTV), starring Masaki Suda. After seeing Nagano’s performance, Sugata said

“There are moments when he transcends acting and becomes something real.

Nagano’s performance was highly praised by Sugata. Last year, Nagano sealed off her “true self” in “Hakozume: Tatakau! (NTV), in which she starred opposite Erika Toda.

The drama is a work comedy about a quirky ex-detective Seiko Fuji (Toda) and a natural rookie Mai Kawai (Nagano). In this drama, Nagano seals off her “real” self. Her natural acting style, in which she keeps her cute appearance and speaks her mind with just a twinkle in her eyes, shows her growth.

In “My Broken Mariko,” Nagano takes on the challenge of creating a hybrid of “Shino’s charm” and “Mei Nagano’s charm. She is about to enter a new stage of her career as an actress, having experienced the “cry of the soul” that makes one’s heart tremble.

The last scene of the film is a scene that symbolizes Nagano’s character in this film.

It is the last scene in which she holds Mariko’s “last letter. Sheino reads the letter with trembling hands, covers his face with the letterhead, and nods a small “yes” in answer to Mariko’s question. Some people on social networking sites are curious to know the text of the letter, but as director Yuki Tanada says, it is a bit of a wild guess.

The ending of the film is a fitting one, as it gently pushes Shino’s back as she finishes her journey and returns to her daily life without Mariko. Nao, who saw the scene, said, “Meiku’s single word, ‘yes,’ will save my life from now on just by remembering this one scene.

I myself watched the movie “My Broken Mariko” three times. This movie, which gives us the strength and salvation to live, will be an irreplaceable work for Mei Nagano’s acting career.

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