Even if the former Unification Church is ordered to disband…the “Nisei Religious Problem” left behind | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Even if the former Unification Church is ordered to disband…the “Nisei Religious Problem” left behind

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Hideyuki Teshigahara, head of the Church Reform Promotion Division of the Family Association for World Peace and Unification (former Unification Church), at a press conference at the organization’s headquarters.

The Diet has been discussing the issue of the former Unification Church and the daily debate on the request for dissolution of the church.

On October 24, Prime Minister Kishida announced that he will “collect information thoroughly,” including cases of “out-of-court” settlements.

On October 24, he said, “We will collect information thoroughly.

On October 24, he said that he would “gather information thoroughly,” including “out-of-court” settlement cases. This may be a sign that they are finally getting serious about the dissolution of the company….

On the evening of the same day, Minister of State for Economic Revitalization Daishiro Yamaguchi, who had been derided as a “backbiting minister” and “minister on the brink,” resigned, taking responsibility for his relationship with the Unification Church. In effect, he has been ousted from his post.

In addition to Yamashiki, scandals involving Minoru Terada, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, and Kenya Akiba, Minister of Reconstruction, have also surfaced, so the opposition parties will not rest on their laurels. However, if Prime Minister Kishida were to be “ousted,” other ministers with problems would also be asked to resign, which could lead to a “resignation domino effect.

Therefore, he probably asked Yamashiki to “commit seppuku” and leave the ministry himself. It is safe to say that this is a complete ouster, with only behind-the-scenes discussions taking place. At a press conference after submitting his resignation letter, Minister Yamashiki was adamant that he had no close ties with the cult.

The Kishida administration, which continues to record the lowest approval ratings in the 20-30% range in public opinion polls, may be considering the dissolution of the Unification Church as a bargaining chip for a comeback. Although the economy is in a bad shape with high prices, a weak yen, and low wages, if the Unification Church can be dissolved, it is highly likely that the government will “rethink Prime Minister Kishida” after the assassination of former Prime Minister Abe due to a grudge against the church.

However, can the problem of “second-generation religious believers” such as Tetsuya Yamagami really be solved?

According to an interview with an expert in counseling second-generation religious believers and second-generation believers, the problem is not limited to the Unification Church. There are many cases where family members are believers, and many Nisei are educated to believe and donate money as a matter of course.

It is no exaggeration to say that they are brainwashed by their parents from birth. If the Unification Church were to dissolve, there is concern that the issue would fade away because it would not be covered much in the news. The Unification Church can be dealt with because it has become a case, but it is very difficult to deal with other religions on TV because it may infringe on the “freedom of faith.

In an interview with FRIDAY magazine, comedian Hidekazu Nagai, a former second-generation member of the Soka Gakkai, revealed his anguish.

Nagai apparently left the Soka Gakkai about 15 years ago, but his mother is still a believer. Her father has passed away, and she says that even if he gives money to her mother out of concern for her, she does not spend it, but instead donates it to the Gakkai.

He said, “Just in terms of the environment he was placed in, he is the same as the suspect Yamagami (Tetsuya). However, there were no serious problems like his family had. That doesn’t mean it was all good, though (chuckles).”

Nagai frequently transmits on Twitter the darkness of the Soka Gakkai that he witnessed. The dissolution of the Unification Church will not solve the problem of the religious Nisei….

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