While a series of missiles are being fired…The contents of Kim Jong-Un’s “reckless act at the townhouse where many people have been killed | FRIDAY DIGITAL

While a series of missiles are being fired…The contents of Kim Jong-Un’s “reckless act at the townhouse where many people have been killed

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Jong-un often gives strict orders at construction sites (Image: Jiji Press)

250 rounds on October 18 and 100 rounds the following day on October 19. ……

North Korea has been shelling the Yellow Sea daily in response to South Korean military exercises. On October 23, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un sent a congratulatory telegram to Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping, who is serving his third term in office, calling for the strengthening of relations between the two Koreas, saying, “North Korea and South Korea will continue to strongly drive the development of our two countries with socialism at its core without wavering under any changes and challenges in the situation. The two countries will continue to drive the development of the two countries with socialism at its core, unwavering in the face of any changes and challenges.

Jong-un has repeatedly made spectacular performances on the military and diplomatic fronts. At the same time, however, his citizens are screaming at home. They say they are being forced to do more than they can handle. Mr. Ko Yong Ki, editor-in-chief of Daily NK Japan and an expert on the situation on the Korean Peninsula, said, “Typical of the situation is that Jong-un has been forced to make a stand.

A typical example is the ‘Pyongyang City Housing Project for 50,000 Households,’ a project that Jong-un has been pushing ahead at the behest of the DPRK’s president. At the Workers’ Party of Korea congress in January 2009, Jong-un declared that 10,000 houses would be built each year in a five-year economic plan through 2013. A total of 50,000 houses are to be created in Pyongyang. As part of this plan, tower condominiums are being built in the Hwasong district in central Pyongyang.

However, the construction site, which is being carried out according to an unreasonable schedule, has been the scene of many fatal accidents. By June of this year, five workers had died. It seems that all of them were forced to work all night and died after falling from high places without proper safety equipment.

The Staggering Cause of the Accident that Killed 500 People

In North Korea, accidents at tower construction sites are a common occurrence: in April 2002, a 23-story high-rise condominium collapsed. Interior work was underway at the time of the accident, but the building could not withstand the weight of the sand and gravel that had been brought in, and it is believed that large cracks and crevices appeared in the walls and the building collapsed. The number of victims is said to have reached 500.

It seems that Jong-un is making even more reckless demands on the harsh site. Mr. Gao continues.

“When Jong-un visited the construction site in the Hwasong area in March and May of this year, he said, ‘I’ve heard that the construction site in the Hwasong area is in the middle of the construction zone, and I’ve seen it. Even in the apartments on Mansudae Street (a prime location in Pyongyang), the water supply is only available for one to two hours every two days in the morning. If we install water tanks in the Hwasong area, we will be able to use water as much as we want,” he said.

The water supply situation in North Korea is poor. In some rural areas, water has never been installed, and people have to go far away to fetch water. Even in townhouses, the water supply is inadequate, and it is common for water to not come out of the faucets on upper floors. This is why rooms on the middle floors are more popular. Having free access to water in North Korea is a great luxury.”

The North Korean authorities, “faithfully practicing the love and consideration of the General [Jong-un],” have additionally ordered the installation of 3-5 ton water tanks for toilets on the 11th and higher floors of the 40-story townhomes. But …….

The schedule for completion inspections has been set for December of this year and February of next year. Construction cannot be delayed. I am worried that there will be more casualties from the site due to further wrinkles,” Gao said.

At his own discretion, Jong-un has launched a series of missiles and changed the plans for the construction of the townhouses. The North Korean people continue to be swayed by the leader’s will.

  • Photo: Jiji Press, Inc. Jiji Press

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