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New Reporter Experiences “Photo Service Exclusive for Matching Apps

People are rushing to meet new people and take "great photos" of themselves. How is it done? Does it work?

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A photo service exclusively for matching apps is secretly gaining popularity. This new service provides “highly favorable” photos for apps, with fashion, hairstyles, and other details arranged. The price for the photo shoot alone is 10,000 yen, and some plans include options for more than 60,000 yen, but the service is said to be inundated with requests from people seeking “encounters. How good are the photos and how effective are they? A new reporter of this magazine experienced it for himself.


This photo was actually used as a profile photo for a matching app. In addition, a blouson coordinate was also purchased and photographed.

The reporter experienced the 34,800 yen (including tax) fashion coordination and photo shoot plan offered by “Matching Photo. The process involved visiting apparel stores together for about three hours, taking photos for about an hour, and delivery of the photos within three business days.

Kenta Minagawa, representative of L. BERTY Co.

I was in the advertising department at a company before I started my own business, and it was a daily occurrence that a single photo could completely change a restaurant’s sales. I thought it would be the same with a matching app, so I started one.”

The reporter immediately changed the profile photo on the app and …… found that the number of “likes” per day had increased dramatically, more than tripling. Saki Ito, editor-in-chief of “Matchup,” a comprehensive media outlet for matching apps, said, “It’s easy to imagine a date, and it’s natural.

Saki Ito, editor-in-chief of “Matchup,” a comprehensive media for matchmaking apps, says, “People like natural-looking photos that make it easy for them to imagine a date. The photo service also offers a plan for daily life-style photos, so you can try this.

Why don’t you give it a try?


A new reporter (22) at H&M in Tokyo before having her outfit coordinated. She bought the clothes at H&M in Tokyo after having a stylist select them for her.
The first photo is being taken. Total coordination plans for hairstyles and fashion are also popular.

From the October 28 and November 4, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Matching Photo's JUN (photo by Univ. of Photography), Shinji Hamasaki

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