Rep. Garcie’s bitter words to Prime Minister Kishida, “Don’t do it,” boomeranged. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rep. Garcie’s bitter words to Prime Minister Kishida, “Don’t do it,” boomeranged.

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NHK Party member Mr. Gershey, who has been making bitter comments about PM Kishida… (from his official YouTube channel)

Stop it gracefully!

On October 21, Mr. Gurthy (Yoshikazu Azumaya), a member of the upper house of the NHK Party and an exposé-style YouTube star, updated his Instagram page and wrote a comment urging Prime Minister Kishida to resign.

He pasted an article about the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives titled “Prime Minister Kishida’s Random Answers in a Row” on his Instagram account and complained, “This old man has a child.

This old man should step down with his henchman Kihara, he has no charm and his words don’t mean anything. You should stop it gracefully!

You can’t be a leader if the people don’t trust you. I can’t see the future with you in charge.

In the comments section of this post, there were many critical comments about the administration. In other words, it is probably because many of them are fans of Senator Gershwin.

Are you watching the anti-Kishida forces in the LDP and those in the opposition parties? Now is the time to join forces with Gurthy.

Voters who voted for the LDP in the last Upper House election should feel responsible.

However, a look at the Yahoo comments on an article about this issue reveals the exact opposite: negative opinions about Councilor Garcie are prominent.

“Why don’t you quit being a councilman, Mr. Garcey?

First of all, you, who are not doing your job, should start by returning all of your compensation.

I guess he only eats by exposing and criticizing others. I’m starting to feel sorry for her and pity her.

The situation has become a complete “boomerang.

Recently, I’ve been revealing information in my paid salon, which costs about 4,000 yen a month, so I don’t let too much information out to the public. I also exposed young actresses, but Hashimoto has been chosen to host the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen, and Hamabe seems to be doing well in the filming of the morning drama “Asadora,” so there is “no wind.

I haven’t heard of any commercials being dropped, and Councilor Gershwin has become a member who only speaks ill of celebrities. He may be making money, but his presence has declined.

Although he is a member of the Diet, he has never returned to his home country and, of course, has not participated in the current session of the Diet. He is not allowed to participate in the Diet online, so he cannot ask questions or make comments unless he returns to Japan.

Rep. Gershey will not be able to return to Japan. He has been picking fights not only with Prime Minister Kishida but also with Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kihara, Rakuten Chairman Mikitani, and others, and could be arrested on the grounds of contempt or some other charge.

In fact, there are indications that the police were in contact with the victims of the “BTS meeting scam” perpetrated by Gershie, and that they were attempting to arrest him. The scenario of arresting him the moment he returns to Japan cannot be completely ruled out,” said a reporter from the social affairs department of a TV station.

Certainly, the Kishida administration has a mountain of problems to solve, including the Unification Church, high prices, and national defense. The approval rating is also at an all-time low, and there is no time to spare.

But what about the members of the Diet, who have nothing to do but to expose the government from abroad?

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