Baba Fumika’s Blonde Hair and Divine Style on Location under the Hot Sun | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Baba Fumika’s Blonde Hair and Divine Style on Location under the Hot Sun

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Fumika Baba concentrates on her role with a stern expression under the strong sunlight.

The drama was being filmed on location in Tokyo’s Rinkai area (Edogawa Ward), where the midsummer sun had been shining since early morning. A blonde-haired woman emerges from a large umbrella to shield her from the sun as many staff members look on. She is actress Fumika Baba (27).

She is on location for the drama “Love and Bullets,” which will start on October 27 (MBS Drama Special Category). Based on the comic of the same title that triggered the “Gokudo Danshi” boom, it is a love story like a modern version of “Romeo and Juliet” in which a young yakuza boss and an ordinary college girl fall in love. Baba plays the role of Yuri, the heroine who is determined and has a strong sense of justice,” said a person involved in the production of the drama.

On October 19, an advance preview and completion announcement talk event was held in Tokyo.

Baba said, “I had to hide my blonde hair in order to release it today. I usually put it on SNS, but now that I have a chance to meet you, I thought I’d show it off for the first time,” said Baba.

He said that he had been trying hard not to be noticed for more than two months since the filming started. During the location shooting, she always had a severe expression on her face with wrinkles between her eyebrows, as if the sun was shining very strongly.

I was conscious of the eye power I felt from the manga,” he said. I was conscious of the power in her eyes that I felt from the manga.

He was so focused on his performance. As proof of this, Baba was smiling and chatting with the staff during the break. His well-reputed and wide-ranging performance is noteworthy.

Baba chatting with co-star Cometo Kimura (23) and staff during intermission.
On this day, Baba and Kimura, who plays the role of Jin, were filming several scenes together.
  • PHOTO. Yuri Adachi

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