Fans rejoice when Akiko Kuji “relaxes in sunglasses” is revealed…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice when Akiko Kuji “relaxes in sunglasses” is revealed…!

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Freelance announcer Akiko Kuji has been attracting attention with her “relaxing in the glass” on her Instagram account.

Kujipan posted a picture of her relaxing in the shade. Large sunglasses enhance her small face (from her Instagram @kuji_akiko).

After a 13-hour flight, I visited New York again, and it was completely autumnal. The weather was fine, so I went for a walk. The trees were starting to change color and the clear blue of the sky was dazzling” (from Kuji’s Instagram).

My husband, Yuta Watanabe of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets, has now officially made the opening day roster. Watanabe, perhaps relieved by this, commented to the media about his personal life, “I’m going to look for a house now. Kuji must be relieved as well. In the photo posted this time, Kuji’s soft smile is seen from under his sunglasses.

Kuji was born in Iwate Prefecture in 1994. After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University, she joined Fuji Television in 2017, where she made her mark in her first year, taking charge of the signature program “Kujipan.” In April 2019, she became the main anchor of “Mezamashi Saturday. However, after only five years, she gave up on her announcing career and became a freelance announcer in May 2021.

Kuji worked as a model before joining Fuji. Although freelance announcers are the standard after leaving Fuji, Kuji’s activities are not limited to being a freelance announcer. Her activities as a model and TV personality are also highly anticipated. She also has 460,000 followers on Instagram and is expected to be active as an influencer.

In May of this year, Kuji announced her marriage to NBA player Watanabe. Since then, Kuji has been busy traveling back and forth between Los Angeles, where her husband trained, New York, where her new team is based, and Tokyo. However, when she is in the U.S., Kuji keeps her fans happy by going shopping, cooking home-cooked meals, training with her husband, and posting happy scenes of their newlywed life on her Instagram page.

Kuji’s work, however, seems to be basically in Japan, and the other day she attended an event for the Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer in Tokyo and also appeared on a TV program. In the midst of these busy days, he seems to have returned to the U.S. just in time for the start of the NBA season.

The two are now looking for a “love nest” in New York. What kind of house will they live in? ……!

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