What is the “10,000-yen face to face meeting fraud” that is causing a number of victims in the papa activity area? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

What is the “10,000-yen face to face meeting fraud” that is causing a number of victims in the papa activity area?

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The actual exchange between a man and a girl who is active in papa’s life. Some girls are even demanding money when they meet without even having this exchange.

Since 2020, the papa-katsu activity market is said to have grown rapidly due to the influx of women impoverished by the COVID-19 crisis. According to the results of one survey, nearly 10% of women in their 10s to 40s across Japan have experienced “papa katsu activities.

In the world of papa-katsu, a certain problem has arisen. It is the “10,000 yen hare problem. A man in his 50s who has been involved in papa katsudo for three years says, “I’ve been doing papa katsudo for three years.

A man in his 50s who has been involved in papa-katsu for three years says, “In papa-katsu, you meet someone for the first time through a matching app and have tea with them to see if they are interested. Strictly speaking, meeting someone for the first time is not yet part of the papa activity, so there is no gratuity. However, as an unspoken agreement, it was common for the man to give the woman a travel allowance of about 3,000 yen. Recently, however, I’ve been getting a lot of requests from girls like, ‘I’m asking for 10,000 yen for the meeting, is that okay?’ It is true that, looking at the posts on social networking sites, it is clear that recently, the girls have been asking for a meeting for 10,000 yen.

Certainly, looking at posts on social networking sites, an increasing number of girls are insisting that “the meeting must be 10,000 yen.

Since they take the time to go out of their way to get dressed up and meet up with their dads, it is only natural that there should be some kind of compensation. If you don’t have the money, don’t do daddy’s business.

The 10,000-yen amount is just right for screening out the prospective papas. This amount of money is a good way to screen out the prospective papa. It shows how much money he has and how well he understands papa activities. If a dad is reluctant to pay, he is an adult beggar (a dad whose only goal is to have an adult relationship) or a poor person.

A 20-something office worker who has been “active” in papa katsudo for two years says, “I don’t go out of my way to communicate with people I don’t know.

Young girls find it very difficult to go out and communicate with strangers,” she said. Especially for girls who are reclusive, 10,000 yen is the minimum motivation to get up off their backsides and get out of the house. Generally speaking, people who try to save money for a face to face meeting are not suited to be a daddy because they will try to save money even in the future. It is not a given that we receive face-meeting fees, but it is a fact that we do it for the money.”

On the other hand, a man in his 40s, self-employed, and active for three years said

“It’s not that I don’t want to pay 10,000 yen, but it’s not that I don’t want to pay it.

He is not giving the 10,000 yen because he is too generous with his money. What does this mean?

Some women have told me, ‘We will charge you 10,000 yen as a meeting fee’ at the time of the “meeting” when the two parties have broken up on the spot because they do not agree on the conditions. I think this is a little bit terrible.

What is even worse is the increase in the number of malicious women who repeatedly make money just by meeting up with other women. These women have no intention of engaging in papa activities from the beginning, and their goal is to earn 10,000 yen for a face to face meeting.”

For example, some dating agencies and dating clubs have a rule of giving women ¥5,000 to ¥10,000 for a face-to-face meeting. However, in these cases, women undergo an interview upon joining the club, and men can see unprocessed photos and videos of the women before the meeting. On the other hand, with matching apps that specialize in “papa-katsu,” you don’t know what kind of person you’re going to meet until you meet them in person. Some people are taking advantage of this to commit fraudulent acts.

Many experienced men promise to give a girl transportation expenses before meeting her, and if they meet her and like her, they give her 10,000 yen or more.

No matter what the system is, there will be people who try to abuse it. The struggle between men and women in the “papa katsu-girls” business is likely to continue.

In response to the girl’s request for a meeting fee of 10,000 yen, the father wanted 2,000 yen, but the woman refused the meeting.
Despite the girl’s request for a 10,000 yen meeting fee, some dads refuse to pay even after actually meeting the girl, so the girl demands payment first

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