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Broadcasting another episode by mistake…Why TV Tokyo, which has been in trouble for so long, is not under fire

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The building that houses TV Tokyo’s headquarters in Roppongi (Photo: Jiji Press)

It seems that something happened that made me want to say, “Well, that can happen, can’t it? I can’t stop laughing. Personally, I can’t stop laughing. I’m sure those who like “Zesshoku Meshi” will enjoy this kind of looseness as well.

Actress Wakana Sakai (42) tweeted the following on Twitter. Zemeshi” refers to “Zemeshi Road” season 2 broadcast by TV Tokyo, in which she also appears. It is a popular gourmet drama series that is TV TOKYO’s specialty, along with “Solo no Gourmet” and “Yesterday’s What Did You Eat?

The theme of the series is “Gourmet x Staying in a car. It is the story of Takayuki Hamatsu, an ordinary salaryman, who travels for two days and one night on weekends in search of exquisite meals that are on the verge of extinction. The story of an uncle’s adventures, which he doesn’t tell his family, was well received by viewers, and after one special program in April 2008, the second season began airing in August. The trouble this time was caused by the “World’s Best Time” that was aired just before. The trouble occurred when the airing time of episode 7, which was scheduled to air on August 8, was moved back due to the extended airing of “World Table Tennis 2022 China” immediately before the episode. For viewers who were unable to record the episode, episode 7 was broadcast again on the 10th. In doing so, they accidentally aired the seventh episode of season 1,” said a drama writer.

On the 10th, TV Tokyo posted an apology on the show’s official Twitter page.

Apology] The seventh episode of season 2 of “Zemeshi Road” was scheduled to air from 23:40 today, but we aired the seventh episode of season 1, which was different from the program list. We apologize to everyone who was looking forward to it.

(From the show’s official Twitter page) Even though it was a rerun, it was an unbelievable blunder. Takahiko Kageyama, a professor of media creation at Doshisha Women’s University, pointed out the seriousness of the situation as follows.

Of course, I am sure they are being strictly warned within the company. As a broadcasting station, it is an important task to broadcast on time and without accident, and not only the staff in charge but also many checks must have been made. The fact that all of these checks were not carried out is a mistake that should not have happened. However, the fact that it was a rebroadcast and that the program was a loose gourmet food program, which is TV Tokyo’s specialty, saved the day. What would have happened, for example, if the seventh episode of season 1 of “Hanzawa Naoki” had been aired during the first run of the seventh episode of season 2?

In the end, the seventh episode of season 2 was aired at 10:35 a.m. on the 14th before the eighth and final episode aired, and one would think that the people involved and the viewers would be very angry, but that was not the case. As well as Wakana Sakai’s twitter at the beginning of this article, other tweeters were also saying, “I’m rather lucky to be able to watch Season 1.

I was rather lucky to be able to watch Season 1.

I laughed. I laughed so hard.

The majority of the tweets were positive. In fact, on the 9th, TV Tokyo suddenly changed the airing time of the first episode of the popular anime “SPY x FAMILY” due to the extended broadcast of the World Table Tennis tournament, and many people failed to record the program. At that time, “recording failure” became a trending topic on Twitter, and some commented, “It’s TV Tokyo, so it can’t be helped. Why are people so kind to TV Tokyo?

The “Legend of TV TOKYO” is a standard story that when a major incident or disaster occurs, TV TOKYO is the only station that stays the same in its program lineup even though other stations are doing emergency specials side by side, and many people seem to like this stance. It is a standard story, but many people seem to like this stance. For example, “The Delightful Moomin Family” was shown at the beginning of the Gulf War, and “Mad Max 2″ was broadcast during the LDP presidential election in 2006, which became an Internet news item. There are many people who say it’s outrageous, but recently its uniqueness seems to be particularly popular” (producer, TV Tokyo program production company).

Mr. Kageyama, who was involved in the MBS program production company, referred to his own experience in the recent uproar as follows: “I was also involved in the MBS program production company.

When I was just starting out in the programming department of MBS, I was in charge of putting in a guest preview for the next program, “Quiz Derby,” after “Manga Nihon Mukashi Banashi” (Manga: Tales from Long Ago). However, the week after the program was suspended for a week due to the death of Emperor Showa, the preview was also delayed by a week, but it was played as originally scheduled. Of course, the guest was the next week’s guest, so he would not appear on that day’s program.

This is a national network and we are in the era of 20~30% ratings. I went to the office on Monday and apologized to my boss, who didn’t even yell at me. and that was the end of it. (Laughs.) Maybe my boss was trying to keep him from coming to me, but there were only a few complaints from the viewers. Television was still loved, companies were still kind, and viewers were still tolerant.

In the year 2022, it is no longer possible to forgive and be forgiven, and it is precisely because we live in such an era that TV TOKYO, which is somehow forgiving, is the ideal image that other stations envy.

That said, some people at TV Tokyo are concerned about the situation.

“Teletei has made a mistake that would not have happened under normal circumstances, so we have to examine it properly. It is undeniable that TV TOKYO’s conceit that “TV TOKYO is different from other key stations” may have led to its complacency.

Amidst the clamor that young people are turning away from television, TV Tokyo is considered to be a savior, so we hope that the company will make sure to prevent a recurrence.

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