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Celebrating Marriage! Michopa & Shimon Okura “Happy Disney Sea” Date Photos

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They kept their faces hidden from the audience, but they couldn’t hide their auras.

We are often told that we look alike and that we get along too well, so I hope we can continue to laugh together until our faces wrinkle and build a happy family.

On October 22, TV personality Miyu Ikeda (23), aka Michyopa, updated her Twitter page. She announced her marriage to model and actor Shimon Okura (29), with whom she had been in a relationship for some time.

The couple, who were senior and junior members of the teen fashion magazine “Popteen,” started dating in March 2009. Josei Seven” reported that Michopa was living with Okura in an apartment that she moved into in February of the same year. It showed the two of them going in and out of their new residence.

They have been dating for seven years. Michyopa is open about her love life, and even before her breakthrough, she sometimes told her co-stars that she had a boyfriend. However, since Ms. Okura was selling well before Michyopa, she did not disclose the relationship until her relationship was reported, saying, “I want to be noticed only by myself. After the report in “Josei Seven” came out, she began to openly say on the programs she appeared on that she was ready to get married.

FRIDAY” caught the two on a smiling date. We would like to introduce their friendly relationship with some treasured photos.

An aura that even a “sneak peek” can’t hide

Even with masks and hoods covering their faces, their presence was overwhelming.

On a November afternoon in 2009, Tokyo Disney Sea (Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture) was filled with young people and families, even though it was a weekday. Michopa and Okura were among them.

It was the first private shot of the two since their relationship was revealed. Michopa was wearing a Dalmatian-print hooded scarf, fuzzy outerwear, and damaged jeans. Okura, on the other hand, was dressed in a chic black outfit.

Michyopa was looking at her boyfriend from time to time, and they seemed to be very much in love. It was very much like a ‘secret date. But they were wearing gal makeup and had distinctive eyes, so it was hard to hide their aura. I thought, “Hey, aren’t they a Michopa couple? Oh no! Some people were whispering and getting excited. Michyopa-san took her boyfriend’s arm and disappeared into the back of the park,” said a visitor who was there.

Michopa is so busy that not a day goes by that she is not seen on TV. Okura often supports her.

Michyopa is good at housework such as cooking and cleaning, but now she doesn’t have time to cook for herself. Okura has been actively supporting her in her daily life. Since appearing in NHK’s morning drama “Mare” in 2003, Okura’s acting ability has been gaining recognition, and since she has overwhelming support from people in their teens and 20s, I think she will continue to expand her activities in the future.

On October 23, Michopa appeared live on “Sunday Japon” (TBS). With a blush on her face, she happily reported her marriage again.

Michopa posed in front of NHK’s hedge. A female staff member eagerly took pictures of her with her smartphone.
Okura came out after Michopa. He used to be a member of Kansai Johnny’s Jr. and is very popular among teenage girls.
Michopa, who is known to be a big Disney fan, took his arm and decided the direction to go. It seems that she is in control.
Michopa’s first handsome two-shot at DisneySea!
Catch Michopa in her first handsome two-shot at Disney Sea!
Michopa poses in front of NHK’s hedge. A female staff member was eagerly taking pictures of her with her smartphone.
  • Photographed by Yuri Adachi Masaki Kamada

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