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Compositing adult videos into popular video games… Why “AV Splash” has caused a firestorm

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Six participants were banned from YouTube.

Nintendo’s game “Splatoon 3 (Splat 3),” released on September 9, is one of the most popular video game titles on YouTube, but in October, an outrageous incident occurred in which an adult video was composited into this game and distributed.

Apology for wearing a dinosaur costume? The apology video also became a hot topic (from VTuber A’s first “banned” channel).

AV Splash,” which synthesizes adult videos into video game footage, has come under fire.

The incident in question was initiated on October 8 by eight people, mostly VTubers, and the project is called “AV Splat.

Splatoon 3″ is a game in which players paint each other with ink and fight for position, but “AV Splat” used a trick to display a chroma key composite of adult videos in areas where the enemy’s ink was applied.

The more ink the enemy covered, the larger the area where the adult video was displayed, so this was a challenge project that could result in YouTube account suspension if the player was outnumbered in the game.

This “AV Splash” became a major topic of conversation, as the planners had hoped, but most of the reactions were criticism, leading to a huge firestorm.

Nintendo warned of possible legal action.

The reason for the firestorm was simply that it violated YouTube and Nintendo’s distribution guidelines, and that it played an adult-oriented adult video for a “Splatoon 3” play-by-play that could be viewed by children.

Furthermore, the flames spread further when some of the participants provoked the criticism. Eventually, Nintendo issued a warning on its official account, although it did not name names, stating that it “may take action, including deletion of posts and legal action, for use that offends public order and morals.

In response to these developments, most of the participants apologized.

Although not naming names, Nintendo issued a warning on its official account (from Nintendo’s official Twitter).

YouTube took the situation very seriously and banned the participants.

Of course, Nintendo was not the only one who took action to deal with this incident. YouTube, the site where the adult video was distributed, has also confirmed that it has banned (suspended) the accounts of six of the eight participants.

In addition, prominent VTuber A, one of the participants, obtained a new account and resumed his distribution activities on October 13, but was banned again two days later.

The reason for the ban is believed to be that “it is prohibited for a person who has violated the terms of service to create another channel for the purpose of circumventing them,” but it is also possible that he has been permanently banned by YouTube.

Although the “AV splurge” may have been done as a way to create a buzz in order to sell, the result was that many participants lost their place of activity. Will there really be an eye of revival for them? ……

Why “AV Splash”, which combines adult videos with popular video games, has caused a firestorm.
Why “AV Splash”, a composite of adult videos in a popular video game, is in flames.
  • Reporting and writing Shuji Shinohara

    Born in 1983 and currently resides in Fukuoka Prefecture. Since 2007, he has been working as a freelance writer specializing in verifying inflammatory incidents and false rumors mainly on the Internet.

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