Sexual threats against the late KARA’s Hala… Why her ex-lover refuses to pay her alimony. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sexual threats against the late KARA’s Hala… Why her ex-lover refuses to pay her alimony.

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On location in Japan in 2011 for his crown show “URAKARA” (TV Tokyo). Ms. Hara dusting off a baked sweet potato in a shopping street.

[Claire] Thank you all for waiting so long for my comeback for our 15th anniversary! I’m working hard and preparing, so please look forward to seeing you in November.

On October 19, Gyuri, a member of the girl group “KARA,” updated her Twitter page. KARA” has been on hiatus since releasing a mini-album in May 2003. This November, they released their 15th anniversary album and are set to return after a seven-year absence.

However, ……. The long-awaited resumption of activities by fans has been watered down.

There is a court case against former member Koo Hara (28 at the time), who passed away in November 2007, and there is a lot of commotion. Ms. Koo took her own life, and it is said that one of the reasons for her death was the words and actions of her former lover, the charismatic hairdresser Choi Jung-beom (31). In September 2006, Mr. Jung-beom abused and assaulted Ms. Hala, with whom he was dating, saying, “I will end your life as a celebrity. He injured her for two weeks and threatened to release a video of his sexual acts with Ms. Hala.

The leaked video showed a frightened Ms. Hara apologizing in tears. In July 2008, the police arrested Mr. Jung-beom on suspicion of making threats and other charges. In July 2008, the police arrested Mr. Jung-beom and sentenced him to one year in prison for “inflicting tremendous mental anguish on Ms. Hala. Mr. Jung-beom completed his sentence in July of this year.

He was also ordered to pay 8 million yen.

The legal battles do not end there. The family of Ms. Hala filed a lawsuit against Mr. Jung-beom, claiming that threats and coercion led to her suicide and demanding 100 million won (approximately 10.4 million yen) in compensation.

The first trial verdict came on October 12. The district court in northern Seoul approved most of the family’s claims and ordered Jong Beom to pay 78 million won (about 8 million yen),” said the court official.

Jungbum, who was arrested, prosecuted, and even sentenced to prison, was expected to agree to pay the fee. However, …….

Jung Bom was dissatisfied with the judgment and immediately filed a notice of appeal. He believes that his words and actions were not the only factors in Mr. Halla’s death. It is true that Mr. Halla, who was also active in Japan, had a lot of heartache due to the intense bashing he received on the Korean Internet. However, that would not absolve Mr. Jungbum of responsibility. Mr. Jungbum’s lack of sincerity in his response has drawn increasing criticism.

When will the day come when the bereaved family and fans can mourn Ms. Hara in peace?

  • Photographed by Keisuke Nishi

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