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Former Unification Church: Hashida’s ex-wife’s rebuttal video even released on YouTube

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Hideyuki Teshigahara, head of the Church Reform Headquarters, at a press conference at the former headquarters of the Unification Church.

On October 20, the so-called “Unification Church” of the Family Association for World Peace and Unification held its sixth press conference. In a surprise move, Hideyuki Teshigahara, head of the church’s Reform Headquarters, showed a video interview to the public.

Mr. Teshigahara showed a video interview with a believer who is the ex-wife of Tatsuo Hashida of Kochi Prefecture, who claims that his family collapsed because he donated approximately 100 million yen to the church. According to Hashida, he divorced his ex-wife nine years ago after she sold his rice paddies because she claimed they were haunted by “evil spirits. He took in his eldest son, but two years ago he burned himself to death in his garden.

Mr. Hashida has decided to appear in the media “face to face and under his own name,” exposing in the light of day what the Unification Church has been doing. However, Mr. Teshigahara came to Kochi without an appointment and told him, “Don’t go to the media.

He came to Kochi without an appointment and asked me not to appear in the media.

Mr. Teshigahara came to Kochi without an appointment and asked him not to appear in the media.

Mr. Hashida could not hide his surprise as he watched the press conference. Mr. Teshigahara called his ex-wife from Kochi Prefecture to Tokyo and filmed a video interview with her to refute Mr. Hashida’s claims.

Naturally, Mr. Teshigahara was unable to persuade Ms. Hashida, so he went to see his ex-wife in Kochi Prefecture and asked her for an interview “just for the heck of it. The Unification Church stopped the suspect’s mother when she said she would hold a press conference, so it seems that the church has a policy of not allowing its followers to speak freely.

Mr. Hashida did not recognize the woman in the video for a moment as his ex-wife. He was surprised by the fact that she was not usually wearing makeup and was dressed in white.

His ex-wife thoroughly defended the cult. She revealed that she often mentioned “spiritual things” about her son, who committed suicide.

My son didn’t like it. He was a little spiritual.
He would say, ‘Mom, you can sell the rice paddies.

He claimed that his son had sold the rice paddies that had been passed down from generation to generation because they were haunted by evil spirits. Hashida further revealed that his son had written “bitter words against the cult” on the wall of his room, but his ex-wife “100% no “I’m not 100% sure,” he denied. The ex-wife denied this, saying that it was “100% not true.” She countered that if anything, her son was in favor of the church and had no resentment toward it whatsoever.

The ex-wife also pointed out Mr. Hashida’s bad drinking habits and suggested that their son “had a grudge against something else, not the church,” thereby reinforcing the nuance that the church was not to blame. Furthermore, the Unification Church posted an interview with his ex-wife on its official YouTube channel. This behavior was designed to upset Mr. Hashida’s painful feelings and disregarded the victim’s sentiments,” said a sports newspaper reporter.

Mr. Hashida, who was not informed that his wife’s video interview would be shown at the press conference, asked

‘Would you go this far? His family. Teshigahara, would you go this far? Call the Church!”

He was outraged.

The government is expected to submit a “Victims Relief Bill” in the current Diet session. How far will the government be able to go in making a decision that will satisfy the public?

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