Kyoko Fukada’s “dazzling smile in a red bodysuit” brings joy to her fans…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kyoko Fukada’s “dazzling smile in a red bodysuit” brings joy to her fans…!

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Fukakyou’s magnificent appearance during the filming of “Lupin’s Daughter”. The day will come when we can see her in good health again!

Actress Kyoko Fukada’s “red bodysuit” has become a big topic of conversation. It was released by the official Instagram account of the movie “Lupin’s Daughter the Movie” in which Fukada appears, and Fukada is holding a bouquet of flowers and showing her “all-out smile”. “The film was released by the official Instagram account of “Lupin’s Daughter the Movie.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen such an image on a TV show. In the last episode of the drama, “#Lupin’s Daughter” ranked second in the world trend, and the drama gained popularity as a beautiful and tear-jerking “modern version of Romeo and Juliet. Encouraged by its popularity, a sequel was launched in October 2020. And on October 15, 2021, the long-awaited movie version will be released.

Now, the official Instagram account has released a photo of Fukada holding a bouquet of flowers and smiling with all her might. In the background, there are greenbacks and people clapping. It was probably taken at the end of the movie.

Fukada is wearing a tight red body suit. She seemed to be embarrassed to wear it, saying it was “strange from any angle” at the movie’s premiere, but it has become a part of her. Fukada played the role of a cool female thief to perfection.

Incidentally, there is another photo of Fukada on this account. This one shows Fukada wearing a mask, which also has a nice touch.

Speaking of Fukada, her fans were very worried when she suddenly announced her medical treatment in May this year. She resumed her activities about three months later, but many people were still worried that she was returning too soon ……. However, when I see her smiling so refreshingly, I feel a little relieved. However, I’m sure there are many fans who do not want her to overdo it.

After the movie settles down, I hope you get some rest!

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