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Anime is on a roll! Three Reasons for the Popularity of “My Master Has No Tail

A taste of Kamigata Rakugo through the "yuri" expressions of a clumsy raccoon dog and a beautiful tsundere master!

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Our Master Has No Tail” Author: TNSK

The TV anime “Our Master Has No Tail” began airing on September 30. The popularity of the show is increasing with each episode due to the free and lively interaction between the characters and the novelty of the subject matter, Kamigata Rakugo.

The main character, Mameda, is a female raccoon dog of the Mame-Tanuki clan who lives in Awaji. Mameda came to Osaka with the intention of fooling humans, but she is not very good at it. On the contrary, she is “fooled” by the fun of rakugo, which she sees for the first time, and her true identity is revealed. Mameda is rescued by a popular rakugo storyteller, Daikokutei Bunko. At first, Daikokotei shuns Mameda, telling him to give up and return to his hometown. However, Mameda refuses to give up no matter how many times he chases him away, and he accepts Mameda’s apprenticeship, who is obsessed with “turning into a puppet.

From the first episode of “My Master Has No Tail. Mameda is the main character who transforms himself in order to “transform” humans. The innocent character is very appealing.

In addition to the eye-catching and eccentric setting, “My Master Has No Tail” is also popular for a number of other reasons. The most significant feature is its readability.

Because Mameda is a raccoon dog, he is not bound by the hierarchical relationships and rules peculiar to the classical performing arts. He always speaks to his master, Bunmeki, as if he is his own boss, and he is not reserved in complaining about the food that has been prepared for him. Bunfox also lets Mameda do as she pleases, and they get along so well that people around them tell them not to make out with each other. The fact that the story does not strictly depict traditional rules and customs gives it a unique and warm reading experience.

The casting of the voice actors is also perfect for their roles. M.A.O. (30), who plays the energetic Mameda with a high-pitched voice, and Hibiki Yamamura (34), who plays the cool Fumitsune with a soothing voice, perfectly portray the lovey-dovey nature of the two. The two actors are highly relatable to the characters.

From the first episode of “My Master Has No Tail. The bewitching charm of the popular rakugo storyteller Fumitsune, whom Mameda meets, is another highlight of the work.

The final secret of his popularity is his deep knowledge of Kamigata Rakugo. Mameda gradually learns about the world of Kamigata Rakugo and human society through his training. Therefore, this work is unique in that those who are exposed to Kamigata Rakugo for the first time, or those who know Rakugo but have never heard of Kamigata Rakugo before, can gradually learn about the world of Kamigata Rakugo from the perspective of Mameda, a beginner. In the original manga as well as in the anime, there is a section at the end that explains Kamigata Rakugo, so you will naturally learn how to enjoy Kamigata Rakugo as you watch it.

If you are interested in Kamigata Rakugo, be sure to check out Kamigata Rakugo storyteller Yoneshi Katsura’s Twitter (@beishi_katsura). He also tweets about his interaction with TNSK, the author of the original story, so you can enjoy the work from a different angle. As the anime reaches the midway point, we can look forward to seeing where the story of Mameda and Bunfox is going, which is becoming more and more exciting.

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The first episode of "Our Master Has No Tail" is now available for free!

  • Interview and text by Minako Nakamura

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