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Mr. Ken Nakamoto and his wife, Junka, “transcendent relationship” due to 27-year age difference and separate marriages

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The members of Drifting came to a party to celebrate Cha Kato’s (third from left) 50th anniversary as an entertainer. (From left) Boo Takagi, Ken Nakamoto, and Ken Shimura

Mr. Ken Nakamoto, a member of “The Drifters,” passed away suddenly on October 19. Shortly after 9:00 a.m. on October 18, Nakamoto was crossing an intersection in Yokohama’s Nishi Ward when he was hit by a station wagon.

He hit his head hard and underwent emergency surgery at a hospital in Kanagawa Prefecture, but did not return home on the 19th due to an acute subdural hematoma.

Drift members Cha Kato and Boo Takagi were too shocked to comment on the sudden incident. There has been a wave of mourning from the entertainment world as well.

Mr. Nakamoto’s accident occurred on a national highway in Yokohama City, in a no-crossing zone. Nearby was a curry store run by his wife, singer Junka.

Judging from the circumstances, Mr. Nakamoto probably went to see Ms. Junka. One thing we can say is that the couple’s relationship is not what it is rumored to be.

This month, some media reported that there was discord between the couple and that Ms. Nakamoto’s house in Tokyo had become a “trash house” due to the abandonment of her dog and cat. However, Ms. Nakamoto herself took to Twitter on January 15, immediately after the report.

I am sorry for your concern. I am sorry for your concern, but I don’t live in a trash house.

She denied everything, saying, “I don’t live in a trash house. She continued

I am living happily and cheerfully every day. Thank you for your concern. I sleep soundly every night.

I am sleeping soundly every night. A short time ago, she called for the search of her missing dog on Twitter, and reported that the dog had been found safe and sound.

He also reported that his dog had gone missing a little while ago and that he had taken care of it safely. There were people making offerings and joining hands in front of the house after Mr. Nakamoto’s death. However, I don’t know what was going on inside the house…” (Sports newspaper reporter)

Mr. Nakamoto ran a restaurant called “Nakamoto Construction Junka’s Kitchen” with Junka at home. It was a place of relaxation for Mr. Nakamoto, who loved to drink alcohol peacefully and happily. A signboard with a two-shot of him and Junka still remains near the restaurant.

Junka opened a curry restaurant in Yokohama, so she and Nakamoto inevitably became separated, but they were together frequently, with Nakamoto going to see her. Every couple has their own form of marriage.

As reported in some media, from the outside it may appear that Mr. Nakamoto was treated poorly, but he was very fond of her and tolerated such treatment. I think their relationship transcended ordinary marital relations.

Mr. Nakamoto was as mild-mannered in his private life as he was on TV. The only time he became ill-tempered was when it was reported that Junka had another man. A source who knew Mr. Nakamoto said

“When the media asked him about his wife’s ‘cheating allegations,’ he replied, ‘That’s not true! He said, “I know Junka the best. He knew Junko better than anyone else, and he probably couldn’t tolerate being written about in that way.

He was not happy about it.

On the other hand, there is another story.

She was depressed because her restaurant was closed due to the COVID-19 crisis. His income was also decreasing. The accident took place near Junka’s store, on a road she was used to walking…”

Mr. Nakamoto’s “final moments” were taken care of by the daughter he had with Junka and his ex-wife. According to a source, “Junko was in a state of shock.

Junka is in a state of shock.

There is no doubt that the couple was bound together by a strong kizuna in their relationship, which transcended the “normal” marital structure of a 27-year age difference and separate marriages.

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