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Kamaitachi, New York… The “Comedy 6.5 Generation” is on the Rise in the Fall Program Revamp

The Staff Saw It! Behind the Scenes of Weekly TV

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Hiromasa Yashiki (left) and Kazuya Shimasa of “New York” on location in front of the signboard of “NEW New York” (TV Asahi), the first program on terrestrial TV.

It has been announced that three new programs will start in the fall season with “Kamai-tachi” as the MC.

The two programs on Nippon Television Network Corporation will be in the late night slot, while “Ura-shot-chareta” will start in the golden slot on TV Asahi. This brings the total number of regular programs to 16, and Ryuichi Hamaya (37), a comedian, was screaming with joy on the radio, saying, “I’m not getting around.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on NTV’s “Happy! Bonnie Girl” on NTV. Chocolate Planet” will appear as a regular on the show. The “comedy 6.5 generation” has made a remarkable leap forward.

“The rejuvenation of the program staff, the trend to use comedians of the same generation rather than the big names who require more attention, and the decrease in advertising revenue due to the Corona disaster, which forced them to cut production costs, were the main factors. In addition to the big names with high salaries, the Alafie generation of talent has begun to be restructured. The demand for the 6.5 generation is rapidly increasing, as they have the ability and are still reasonably priced,” said a producer at a key station.

The “seventh generation of comedians,” who dominated the TV industry before them, have stalled. The “seventh generation” of comedians, who dominated the TV industry before them, has lost steam.

The “Bakusho Mondai & Shimotsuki Myojo no Shinpai Prize! (TV Asahi) has been terminated. The “Bakusho Mondai” will be joined by Hakusan Kanda (38) and the “Why did you make the rule of no way? Presentation! (TV Asahi) in 2006. Some people are worried about Seiya’s mental health, as she has been working almost without a break since winning the “M-1 Grand Prix” in 2006. It seems that Yoshimoto Kogyo, the company he belongs to, wants him to save some of his work so that he won’t be crushed, and this is also thought to be the reason for the decrease in regular programs.

“The key station producer mentioned above explains that the Corona disaster is also affecting the decreasing exposure of the “seventh generation.

The key station producer mentioned above explains, “The Corona disaster has affected the exposure of the seventh generation. In normal times, we would put them in a number of pairs on the stage to give them experience, but the fact that the absolute number of talents invited to the studio has been reduced due to infection control measures is a pain. We have no choice but to go with an elite few.” I think the use of the seventh generation will increase rapidly after the end of corona.

Morita Tetsuya (40), the director of “New York” and “Saraba Seishun no Hikari,” is one of the people who are expected to be a part of the Corona disaster.

He said, “New York” and Morita will be the new MCs for ABEMA’s program after the busy “Kamai-tachi” graduates. Morita and “New York” will be the new MCs for ABEMA’s new show when “Kamai-tachi” leaves. The appeal of “New York” is not only its ability as a finalist in “M-1” and “King of Contrast,” but also the fact that it has a devoted fan base, with tickets to its live streaming shows selling like hotcakes.

Who will become the “face of the Japanese entertainment industry”? The fierce battle has begun.

From “FRIDAY” October 8, 2021 issue

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