Kei Komuro may receive “special treatment” even though she failed the bar exam for the third time | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kei Komuro may receive “special treatment” even though she failed the bar exam for the third time

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Kei Komuro and Mako Komuro now reside in New York City (Photo by Takero Shigurou)

The results of Kei Komuro’s third attempt at the New York State bar exam will soon be known.

As of October 20, Kei and his wife Mako should have received the results. Meanwhile, the Imperial Household Agency is simulating what would happen if they were to fail the exam for the third time.

What would that be like?

What about the public’s reaction? “We can expect a certain amount of public outcry, and since it is something that cannot be controlled in the first place, it is not something we have to worry about. The most important thing is the reaction of Akishino no Miya.

According to “Akishino no Miya” (Shogakukan) published by Keiji Emori, a journalist who closely interviewed Akishino no Miya herself, 《He continued that the other man “may remain a paralegal. He also did not consider whether or not the man would become an international lawyer as a condition of marriage at all. I would like to note this clearly, ” he stated.

He refers to Prince Akishino, and the other man refers to Kei.

What this passage means is that in the first place, Akishino no longer “insisted on Kei’s qualification as a lawyer, nor did she make it a condition of marriage.

These words mean a great deal. It can be taken as a message from Akishino no Miya that they should pursue happiness in their own way, without stretching themselves too thin. ……

After all, Kei, who later married Mako, went on to take the bar exam.

In the end, Kei married Mako and went on to take the bar exam. “Since this book dares to introduce his own voice, it is likely that Prince Akishino actually conveyed his own thoughts and feelings to Kei. In a sense, it can be seen as Kei-san and Mako-san shrugged it off and moved forward with the examination.

On the other hand, one Imperial Household Agency official pointed out that “Prince Akishino may have had a realistic viewpoint.

He must have seen how much demand there would be for Kei in New York, where the world’s brightest and most talented people gather, no matter how much ability he has. I have heard that if he had passed the exam straight away, he would have passed, but when he failed the exam twice, he asked himself the simple question, ‘Even if I become a lawyer, will I still have clients?

The results of the third exam will be announced soon.

If they fail the exam, there is a possibility that Prince Akishino will send a new message to the couple. I was told that the content of the message would be, ‘Think about various things.

What does this mean?

What does it mean? “It seems that there is no need to be particular about the qualification of being a lawyer. There are plenty of jobs out there even if you are not qualified, and he may be admonishing us to look at life from a broader perspective.

Some observers believe that Kei, who is currently working for a law firm, will continue to be employed regardless of the outcome of the examination.

There have been reports that Mako is being considered for full-time employment at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. That would, in essence, mean that both of them would be working to stabilize their lives. In light of this, it is possible that Kei-san may also be looking for employment other than at a law firm in order to earn a better income if he becomes a ‘judicial wannabe’ again. The target would be government agencies, etc.” (see above).

The reasons for this are: “First and foremost, security is required. Workplaces that interact with an unspecified number of people are difficult. Government agencies may be a better choice in this respect.

It is certain that everyone involved is praying that they will pass the exam and that all their concerns will be unfounded, rather than receiving “special treatment.

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