Women’s Pro Ji-Yoo Jeong’s Triumphant Return to the World Tour “Stunningly Beautiful Style | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Women’s Pro Ji-Yoo Jeong’s Triumphant Return to the World Tour “Stunningly Beautiful Style

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Ji-Yoo Chung talking with other players during the tournament. Next time, I want to win on the first division tour and see her smiling face.

A visual queen made a triumphant return to the first division of the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) after a long absence.

Her height of 173cm, model-like style, and neat looks have attracted a lot of attention from her fans.

This season, she is mainly competing on the second division tour, but she participated in the “Hana Financial Group Championship” held from September 29 to October 2 as an organizer’s recommendation. Hana Financial Group is her main sponsor and affiliate, so she was the focus of attention as a “hostess pro.

She smiled at the photographers and helped to liven up the event, but she failed to qualify after finishing tied for 87th at 5-over par, which was her second time this season following her tie for 44th at the EverCollagen Queen’s Crown in July. The result was a tough one, but his performance on the top tour after a long absence attracted a large number of fans.

Once she holds the club, she shows her professional face. Her serious expression while playing is also beautiful.

Ji-Yoo Chung has a unique background, having started playing competitively at the age of 18. 2 years later, in 2015, she turned pro, and in 2016 she began competing on the second division “Dream Tour” to hone her skills. As he steadily improved his skills, he won his first tournament on the Dream Tour in 2020, and finished 6th in the money ranking of the second division, and will play on the first division tour in 2021. His talent and hard work paid off. Since then, a major Korean company, Hana Financial Group, has signed an affiliation contract with her, and a well-known equipment manufacturer has also become a sponsor. She has long stated that her goal is to return to the first division tour and be seeded in the second division this season. To achieve this goal, she needs to finish in the top 20 in the money ranking in the second division this season, or to make it through the seeding round on the first division tour.

I don’t mind the attention, but the pressure is on me not to live up to the expectations of those around me,” said Ji-Yoo Chung. As a professional golfer, she strongly feels that it is meaningless if she does not produce results.

Last year, before her debut on the first division tour, she told the Korean media.

I want to be recognized for my ability and be a long-lasting player. I didn’t get results or attention in big tournaments from my junior days like other players, but I fell in love with golf and it has become my whole life.

There is no doubt about her sense of style and talent, as she became a singles player just one year after starting to play golf. All that remains is to gain experience and produce results. If she can refine the accuracy of her irons, her weapon of choice, and get her putter going, a return to the first division tour should be in the cards.

The powerful driver from his 173cm height is a sight to behold.
Her weapons are her accuracy with the irons and putter, so let’s see how much she can hone them in order to win a spot on the first division.
She boasts an outstanding style among Korean women’s golfers, many of whom are beautiful women. She has a lot of fans and is expected to make a big breakthrough in the future.
  • Photo MHN Sports, KJPGA Interview and text Myung-Woo Kim

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