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6.2 Billion Yen in One Year: Malicious Multilevel Marketing through Online Casinos

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“You’ll get paid a lot of money if you advertise and get members.”
He would also say, “If you advertise and get members, you will receive a high reward,” and “You will receive a percentage of the casino’s sales worldwide.

A solicitation line sent by Batto to an acquaintance, in which he typically offered that “anyone can make money” and “you can definitely make money.

I first met Batto about five years ago. At the time, he was in Kobe helping his family’s trading business. At the time, he was a very low profile, attentive boy. But when he became involved in a pyramid scheme, he instantly became arrogant and even changed his language,” said an acquaintance of the suspect.

On September 20, Osaka police arrested 15 men and women, including Hiroki Ahmad Kido, 35, a company owner in Nagoya, for violating the Specified Commercial Transactions Law (failure to disclose facts, etc.) by offering them a profit-making scheme using an online casino and forcing them to sign contracts without informing them of the terms of the reward. The suspects were alleged to have offered malicious pyramid schemes to people they met through social networking services and matching apps, and had made a huge profit of approximately 6.2 billion yen in one year until June of this year. They made a fortune of about 6.2 billion yen in one year until June of this year.

They took them to seminars they hosted, asking them if they were interested in a side business, and solicited them, saying that they would receive a high reward if they advertised and gained members, and that they would receive a percentage of the proceeds from casino sales worldwide. He also told them that they needed to register with an online casino site called “ERA,” and made them pay a membership fee of 750,000 yen to sign a contract. To actually receive the reward, they had to pay approximately 26,000 yen per month, but the suspects were forced to sign the contract without explaining this to them.

This is a typical malicious pyramid scheme. The aforementioned acquaintance recalls how the suspect became obsessed with the magical power of money.

He changed about three years ago. Suddenly, he contacted me and said, ‘I have something interesting to tell you. There I found Logiwald dressed in a full-body branded suit. Where was his polite appearance? He sat down deeply on the sofa and began to explain the pyramid scheme. He introduced us to a different type of pyramid scheme than the one he was referring to this time, but the modus operandi was exactly the same. They offered me “to pay a high admission fee and make money by introducing people to them. When I refused the offer, he asked me, “Why? When I refused the solicitation, he looked at me with a curious expression on his face.

The suspect also told me that he was going to become the second Tsubasa Yosawa.

He probably didn’t know how Mr. Yosawa made his money and simply said he wanted to become a rich man. He was actively selling his face by taking on disciples, lecturing them on how to make money, and posting pictures of his lavish parties on social networking sites. He sometimes asked me to go with him to Marina Bay Sands, a luxury hotel in Singapore. He was surrounded by young girls, and I was impressed by the fact that he had them wear brand-name products as well.

Despite the concerns of his acquaintances, the suspect continued to pursue his multi-talented career. How did they make the huge sum of 6.2 billion yen? Another acquaintance, who had attended one of the suspect’s seminars, explained his methods.

Another acquaintance who had attended one of the suspect’s seminars explained his methods: “The way he conducted the seminar was very aggressive. First, Logando would explain his bullshit system, saying things like, ‘You’ll definitely make money. Then, he would have his disciples stand in front of him and appeal to the audience, saying, ‘I made all this money thanks to you,'” he said. After that, the participants are divided into tables, and the disciples are placed one by one to make them sign contracts in that way.
Many of the people who came to his seminars were young people who were in need of money. Some were single mothers with babies. His disciples were all younger than Yedo, so the seminars were full of really young people.

On the same day that the Haridori suspects were arrested, the Fukuoka Prefectural Police also arrested three men and a woman on the same charges. Behind the fall of a young man into the role of multi-group leader, it is believed that there is also a mastermind.

There are several multi-groups in various places, and the suspect was apparently in charge of one of them. The police are investigating, believing that there is a ringleader who controls them.

The number of victims is likely to increase still further.

The suspect frequently advertised on his social networking site that he was “earning money” and was recruiting members for his online casino.
He also held seminars in various locations to solicit members. He verbally called out to participants to make them admire the suspect Logiwatari.

From the October 21, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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