Wife reportedly left in a trashed house… In memoriam, Nakamoto Construction “meaningful” statement just before the accident. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Wife reportedly left in a trashed house… In memoriam, Nakamoto Construction “meaningful” statement just before the accident.

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Mr. Nakamoto poses at an event tracing the achievements of Ken Shimura in October 2009 (Image: Kyodo News)

Another great TV personality has passed away.

Mr. Ken Nakamoto, 81, a member of “The Drifters,” was hit by a van at an intersection in Yokohama City’s Nishi Ward, Kanagawa Prefecture, shortly after 9:00 a.m. on October 18. The scene was a crossroad where there was no traffic signal and crossing was prohibited. Mr. Nakamoto was trying to cross the road by stitching his way through cars. Mr. Nakamoto was hit on the head. The official website of his office announced that he passed away after 10:00 p.m. on the following night, the 19th.

The speed of the wagon was about 30 km/h, but Mr. Nakamoto was very old. He fell and bled from his head and face. The driver of the wagon called for an ambulance, which arrived in about five minutes, but Mr. Nakamoto did not respond to the calls of the crew and the doctor and did not move an inch. He was taken to a hospital about 3 km away from the scene where he was immediately underwent head surgery. I heard that he was unconscious and unable to speak.

Izakaya (Japanese-style pub) closed for business

Road in Yokohama City where the accident occurred (some photos have been doctored).

Near the accident site is a curry store owned by his wife, Junka, 54, an enka singer, and Mr. Nakamoto walked from the direction of the store. At the end of the road is the residence where Junka lives. However, it was in mid-October that the theory of a disagreement between the ……2 people surfaced.

The October 13 issue of “Shukan Shincho” (October 13 issue) reported that Junko and I had separated. Last July, Junka left Ms. Nakamoto’s home in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, and moved to Yokohama to open a curry restaurant. Mr. Nakamoto had been running a tavern, “Nakamoto Family JUNKA’s Kitchen,” and a snack bar, but due to the new coronavirus, the restaurants were closed. The business was closed due to the new coronavirus.

Mr. Nakamoto was left alone with Junka and the dogs and cats he kept, and the house was reported to be like a trash house. The house was reportedly full of feces and urine, household items, and a foul odor. The Shukan Shincho also reported that Junka was seeing another man.

This is Mr. Nakamoto’s third marriage. He was married for the third time to his first wife, who worked with him on the Drifters’ signature program “8:00! In 1991, he married his second wife and had a son and two daughters, but they divorced in 2004. He married Junka, who is 27 years younger than him, in 2012.

He married Junka, who is 27 years younger than him, in 2012. She was often seen accompanying Junka on stage as if she were her manager, and I heard that she sometimes helped her sell CDs.

Junka’s curry store on the wall of the building. At night, you can enjoy drinks and karaoke.

According to “Shukan Shincho,” Junka frequently went shopping on the Internet, and Ms. Nakamoto paid for her purchases. Mr. Nakamoto, who was running his store at a standstill, was having trouble paying his bills and sold his prized guitar, which he had used as a front for the Beatles when they came to Japan. It is said that Mr. Nakamoto delivered the purchased items to a residence in Yokohama where Ms. Junka lived. Was he still visiting Junka on the day of the accident?

What is interesting is what Ms. Nakamoto said just before the accident, at the October 7 production announcement for the stage production of “Nihon mukashi banashi” Kofukujin to fukunokami: Tsuru no okoroppei, which is scheduled to open on November 17.

Mr. Nakamoto’s role is that of the god of poverty, but he said in a self-deprecating manner, “I don’t know how to show you a god of poverty. ‘I didn’t know how to show a god of poverty. …… The members of Drift (passed away) gradually disappeared, I lost my job, the store didn’t do well, and I became poor. I think it’s good to keep things as they are. He also told those around him that he ‘doesn’t sleep very well’ these days.

Mr. Nakamoto lived alone in a separate place from his beloved wife, and he was now over 80 years old. We pray that he may rest in peace.

Some people trying to cross the road at the scene of the accident: …… (some photos have been doctored)
Road in Yokohama City where the accident took place (photo has been partially processed)
  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo Kyodo News

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