Buzz on SNS…The destructive power of Satomi Shigemori, “the world’s cutest 34-year-old | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Buzz on SNS…The destructive power of Satomi Shigemori, “the world’s cutest 34-year-old

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Satomi Shigemori (Afro) at the press conference celebrating the birth of the 2020 “ANGEL CHAMPAGNE” AR app.

She has 1,167,000 followers on Instagram, and when she posts a photo on Instagram, people say

“The cutest 34-year-old in the world!

Satomi Shigemori, 34, is very popular among women as well as men, and was featured in “Mecha x 2 Iketeru! (Fuji TV), which aired until 2018, she gained popularity as a “silly character,” but at the same time, she was also slammed by her detractors as a “mocking woman who uses her silliness” and a “bad character,” and had virtually no female fans. Shigemori’s turning point came on May 9, 2020, when she was asked to appear in her own “The Last Time I Wanted to See You.

“The turning point for Shigemori was a music video she released on her YouTube channel on May 9, 2020, titled “TOKYO DRIFT FREESTYLE,” in which she raps her own composition. At first, everyone was skeptical: “That Satomi Shigemori is rapping? But even if you listen to it, it’s still good enough to be heard by professionals. On the contrary, the lyrics and melody were well adapted to the times and her silly character, with lyrics that respected Corona fatigue and the late Ken Shimura, and the number of views exceeded 20 million in just six months. In response, his appearance and fashion have also changed considerably” (music magazine writer).

Previously, she had a bob cut with bangs above her eyes and a less revealing, ladylike fashion, but she now has long hair with bangs swept to the side. She began to frequently post revealing and daring fashions on her Instagram, which ignited her popularity among women.

Speaking of Shigemori, she was also controversial for her off-the-cuff remarks on air, such as “I am confident in my wheezing voice” and “I enjoy watching erotic videos. When she was a silly character, these comments were thought to be tongue-in-cheek remarks to attract men’s attention, but even now that she is considered “cute,” she has remained consistent. In a sense, it has become established that she is really erotic and “silly,” and I think that has come to be seen as an attractive trait.

It seems that Shigemori’s “second break” has begun.

She introduced her “second break” by saying, “Fans have praised this outfit as erotic. It is a favorite of Shigemori herself (from her Instagram @satomi_shigemori).
Some commented that she looked “criminally cute” (from her Instagram @satomi_shigemori).
Bold bikini shot. The style is as beautiful as a gravure idol’s (from her Instagram @satomi_shigemori).
The standard wrapper style and tongue perrotation shot (from her Instagram @satomi_shigemori).
Fans can’t get enough of this change either (from her Instagram @satomi_shigemori).
Some shots of her in a yukata that would make male fans’ imaginations run wild (from her Instagram @satomi_shigemori).
Sexy in a black bikini (from her Instagram @satomi_shigemori)
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