Demoralized soldiers self-inflicted wounds, guns made in the former Soviet Union… Russia “out of a tight spot” shuddering move. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Demoralized soldiers self-inflicted wounds, guns made in the former Soviet Union… Russia “out of a tight spot” shuddering move.

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A Ukrainian child rides a tank taken from the Russian army and holds up the national flag (Image: Reuters/Afro)

Tanks left intact, artillery shells and medical supplies placed haphazardly …….

On Ukraine’s eastern front, the plight of Russian forces is evident. Untouched weapons and ammunition are scattered here and there. It is evident that the soldiers have fled without a fight.

According to the British defense minister, discipline in the Russian army is quite low. In particular, the morale of the 300,000 soldiers called up by the “Partial Mobilization of Reservists (mobilization order)” issued in September is low. Some of them were originally not willing to participate in the conflict with Ukraine, but were sent to the front as an example of their outspoken opposition.

Many of the soldiers deployed to Ukraine are young men around 20 years old. Some of them were sent to the war zone for training exercises under the instruction of their superiors, but some of them became mentally deranged after witnessing the horrific reality of the war. There is no end to the number of soldiers who shoot themselves in the leg and wish to be sent back to hospitals in their home countries.

The weapons used seem to be vintage. Some of them are old guns manufactured more than 20 years ago and missiles made in the former Soviet Union. According to Ukrainian authorities, schools, hospitals, and other civilian facilities in the country are being attacked because the accuracy of Russian missiles is so low.

Conversations are not by radio, but by cell phone.

Itsuro Nakamura, a professor emeritus at Tsukuba University and an expert on the situation in Russia, said, “The fatal weakness of the Russian military is its inability to use the mobile phone.

The fatal weakness of the Russian military is its poor communications capabilities. Because older radios do not work, soldiers use their own smartphones and cell phones, which are intercepted for GPS location data and subjected to pinpoint attacks by the Ukrainian military.

On the other hand, since July of this year, the Ukrainian military has been using HIMARS, a high-mobility rocket artillery system provided by the United States. HIMARS,” a high-mobility rocket artillery system provided by the United States. With their long range and high targeting accuracy, the HIMARS have destroyed Russian military bases one after another. The HIMARS have been a factor in the recapture of key positions on the Eastern Front.

For Russian President Vladimir Putin, the most shocking attack was the October 8 bombing of the Crimean Bridge, which connects the Crimean Peninsula with Russia. It is an important supply route connecting the Crimean Peninsula and Russia, and President Putin himself drove a large truck across the bridge at the opening ceremony in May 2006. The destruction of the bridge could shake the effective control of the Crimean Peninsula.

The Crimean Peninsula is Russia’s own territory since it declared its annexation in March 2002. If his country is attacked, President Putin cannot afford to be choosy about the means he uses. He is likely to take the horrifying step of using nuclear weapons.

He will use nuclear weapons. Within Russia, hardliners are increasingly critical of the country’s recent poor showing. Even Kadyrov, the emir of the Chechen Republic in southern Russia, a loyal ally of President Putin, said on October 1: ‘Why don’t you use nuclear weapons? Even Kadyrov, a loyal ally of President Putin’s, said on October 1, “Why don’t you use nuclear weapons? We will have to take drastic measures.

The Russian military is decisively outnumbered. President Putin has few options left. Under pressure from the hardliners, the moment to press the nuclear button to resolve the situation is drawing nearer by the minute.

The world is watching to see what kind of decision President Putin, backed into a corner, will make.

  • Photo. Reuters/Afro

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