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Effective in eliminating sexlessness…? The power of “libido,” a supplement from the U.S.

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Sexless Husband/Partner Problem” a Hot Topic in the U.S.

Nearly half of Japanese couples are said to be sexless, and the figure is rising steadily every year, making it a social problem. Sexlessness is also a hot topic in the U.S., and supplements are apparently popular among women who have problems with their sex lives with their husbands or partners.

The product does not have the “erotic” image of male sexual enhancers, but rather is a natural product that restores the body’s balance and returns the body to a healthy state both physically and mentally. We interviewed a local doctor familiar with the supplement situation in the U.S. about this product, which is also available in Japan.

Sex Dust, an adaptogen-based powder, balances hormones. It contains Shabadari, Shilajit, Maca, etc. Sex Dust /MOON JUICE” $38 (42.5g) .

This product has been available in the U.S. for about five years. It is now sold in general supplement stores and is recognized as a genre. That is ‘Libido.

Eiji Ozawa, a naturopathic doctor in Los Angeles for the past 15 years, says, “Libido means ‘sexual desire.

The literal translation of the word “libido” is “sexual desire. It is a dietary supplement containing ingredients that help women’s bodies regulate and maintain healthy libido, and is sold in stores alongside collagen and vitamins in the “Womans Health” section. To begin with, Ozawa explains the cause of women’s decreased libido.

When the balance of female hormones is insecure, such as after childbirth or during menopause, sexual desire tends to decrease. It also declines when physical strength is low, when tired, or under stress.

Very different from male sexual desire, in the case of women, sexual desire will not recover until base physical strength is restored. It is natural for a woman’s body to not want to have sex when she is tired both physically and mentally. It is easy to imagine that a woman’s body will become sexless, especially if the stress is caused by dissatisfaction with her husband or partner, who is “doing all the housework and child-rearing for me.

With the trend toward later marriages, the age group for raising children is older than it used to be, and they are less physically fit and more prone to fatigue. Perhaps it is inevitable that the number of sexless couples is increasing.

Supplements containing ingredients that help women’s bodies and sexual desire become healthy are sold in the “Womans Health” section, along with collagen and vitamins.

Two ingredients that may be effective in “eliminating sexlessness” are…

There are two main types of Libido supplements.

One is testosterone-based, which acts on hormones, and the other is adaptogen-based, which restores stamina.

Testosterone is a male hormone, but women also secrete it in small amounts, and it increases sexual drive.

Many adaptogens contain natural ingredients that restore the body, such as ashwagandha, reishi, and maca. Originally, adaptogen was a general term for plants with medicinal properties, such as herbs, mushrooms, and tree roots, which have many actions, including balancing hormones, increasing body vitality and immunity, and stress care. Since it balances the body’s PMS and menopausal symptoms.

The difference between these two approaches is that they act on hormones or restore the body. It is not that one is better than the other, but that it is better to try them out and choose the one that suits your body best.

Some adaptogens are available in Japan, but if you can’t find them, you can try searching for supplements with single ingredients.

Ashwagandha, reishi, maca, and Siberian ginseng are known for their ability to restore strength. Damiana is recommended to increase libido, and Ginkgo biloba extract, which improves blood flow, is also recommended.

Since poor blood flow makes it difficult to have an orgasm, improving coldness is also considered effective in reducing sexlessness. In addition, both men and women with diabetes are prone to decreased libido because of poor blood circulation.”

Adaptogen supplements support stress hormone balance and function. Contains rhodiola root extract, maca, and other ingredients. HPA Adapt™/INTEGRATIVE THERAPEUTICS” 2-4 tablets per day, $39.50 (120 tablets) .
This supplement combines nutraceuticals and herbs to regulate the secretion of the male hormone testosterone. LibidoStim-F™/Designs for Health” 2 tablets daily, $63.75 (60 tablets)〈Price is based on editorial research.

It is important to communicate that “not wanting to = no love” and to restore physical strength

Stress and fatigue reduce blood flow in the body, leading to coldness. The point can be seen that in order to solve the sexless relationship, it is important to first work on the woman’s body. Comparing Japan and the U.S., women in the U.S. have a better support system for housework and childcare and are less burdened mentally and physically.

In the U.S., it is commonplace to use housecleaners and babysitters. In the U.S., housecleaning and babysitting are commonplace, and since people don’t cook much, they routinely buy ready-made meals or order delivery services.

Men also actively participate in housework and childcare. In the U.S., where working hours are reasonable, even office workers can spend time with their families at dinner time. I feel that there is less of a situation where the burden is concentrated on women alone compared to Japan.

The “once-a-week date night” scene is often seen in American TV dramas. Many couples do this in their real lives.

The idea that communication between husband and wife is important for a long life together has become widespread. In fact, there are many couples who think they talk on a daily basis, but when they think about it, they only communicate in their daily lives and do not understand each other’s feelings.

In addition, when it comes to sexual matters, arguments about “wanting to or not wanting to” turn into fights and cannot be resolved. If the woman tells the man that “not wanting to” does not mean that she does not love him, it will be easier for him to understand the situation. Men should do housework and child-rearing on behalf of their wives and partners, and give them time alone to heal their physical and mental exhaustion. It is also a good idea to give your wife or partner some alone time to recover from physical and mental fatigue.

The stress in the couple’s lives is only manifested in the form of sexlessness, but the root of the problem lies in their daily lives. Perhaps the first step is to discuss how to balance their lives so that they can continue to live together.

Eiji Ozawa Eiji Ozawa, a naturopathic doctor living in Los Angeles, has been combining the latest medical trials with herbs, supplements, and other naturopathic theories for 15 years. He also operates a medical spa attached to his clinic that focuses on anti-aging treatments.

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