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Famous people’s “fun day at the bar”: lost and found moments!

FRIDAY captures a number of rare and confusing moments!

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Shingo Katori ’18, August 10, 2006

Katori (41 at the time), who played the lead role in the movie “Nagi-waiting,” released in 2007, led a toast to start the launch.
When she received a bouquet of flowers from the staff to celebrate the completion of the film, she was so excited that she was showering the director and others with champagne with a smile.

The state of emergency has finally been lifted, and the city is back to life, if only for a little while. However, I was not in the mood to make a big deal out of it. This magazine has captured many images of celebrities drinking, laughing, and enjoying themselves. Here is a collection of rare images that you will never see at the Corona disaster!

A hot day in August of 2006. “A hot day in August 2006. shouted Shingo Katori (44), holding up his beer. In a park under the blazing sun, he and his staff were in a frenzy, pouring champagne on each other.

Freelance announcer Ayako Kato, 36, guzzled white wine at a famous French restaurant in Hiroo. Katopan’s laughter echoed throughout the restaurant.

I wish we could have scenes like this again, but ……, be careful not to drink too much.

Ayako Kato
Nov. 1, ’19

Katopan (then 34) shows up at a famous French restaurant in Hiroo (Shibuya Ward) with three male acquaintances. At the time, she had just found out that she was in love with NAOTO (then 36), the leader of the third generation J SOUL BROTHERS. She drank wine one after another with an excited expression on her face.

Mayu Matsuoka
July 22, ’16

In 2004, Matsuoka (21 at the time) joined her father and his colleagues at a sushi restaurant in Eifukucho (Suginami Ward) for a “sophisticated” drinking party. They were drinking sake by hand.

Yuriko Yoshitaka and Toma Ikuta
August 12, ’11 issue

Ikuta (26 at the time) and Yoshitaka (23 at the time), who played a couple in the movie “Bokutachi ga ita” released in 2012, had a drinking party with other actors at a darts bar in Shibuya until 5 in the morning. Yoshitaka, a heavy drinker, has been alive and well since then.

Kyoko Koizumi
Feb. 1, ’13 issue

The “Koizumi-kai” was a group of powerful actors including Ken Mitsuishi (51 at the time), Nao Omori (40 at the time), and Miwako Ichikawa (36 at the time). Kaoru Kobayashi (61 at the time), Tetsushi Tanaka (46 at the time), and Yoshiyoshi Arakawa (39 at the time) were also present. For some reason, Koizumi (then 46) and the others were excited to talk about human health checkups.

Ryoko Yonekura
March 24, ’06 issue

In a bar in Roppongi (Minato-ku), she was drunk and shouted, “Give me some alcohol! Yonekura (30 at the time) was a big-name actress. She sang “M” and “Koi no bakance” in a happy mood.

Arisa Mizuki
September 19, 2008 issue

Another “rare” incident in Ebisu. Mizuki (31 at the time) suddenly kicks model Roland Takigawa (28 at the time), whom she was dating at the time, in the groin. “Takigawa looked bewildered as Mizuki said, “I got hit!

Tsuyoshi Ayano
Feb. 28, ’14

The most popular actor in the entertainment industry, Ayano (32 at the time), was walking aimlessly in Roppongi. He hurriedly jumped out of a cab and started to pee standing up. If you see him like this now, please visit ……

Ayumi Hamasaki
May 18, 2007 issue

It was the drunken “Diva of the Heisei Era,” Hamasaki (28 at the time), who was carried out of a bar in Roppongi by two men in a princess hug.
In 2007, she was under a lot of stress because of the “lip-synching incident”.

Mino Monta
November 15, 2001 issue

In ’13, after her second son was arrested, Mino quit “Morning Buzz! after the arrest of her second son. When we interviewed Mino directly after his apology press conference, he seemed to be in a good mood as if he had just had a drink. She presented this reporter with four bottles of sake.

From the October 1, 2021issue of FRIDAY

  • Photography Toshikatsu Tanaka, Ippei Hara, Takao Kawakami, Yuri Adachi, Sota Shima, Mayumi Morita, Naomi Horikawa, Shu Nishihara, Kojiro Yamada, Tetuko Takemoto, Yumiko Kawaguchi Record China

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