Fans rejoice as Anne Shin hye ‘in a brown above-the-knee skirt’ is revealed…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice as Anne Shin hye ‘in a brown above-the-knee skirt’ is revealed…!

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Korean professional female golf player Anne Shin-hye, nicknamed “Sexy Queen,” has been attracting attention for her “brown above-the-knee skirt” that she posted on her Instagram account. She has been inundated with comments praising her as “too gorgeous,” “cute,” and “cutesy.”

Ann showed off her elegant autumn-colored golf outfit. The ruffles on her white high socks add a girly touch (from her Instagram @shinaeahn).

She said, “Autumn is my favorite season. What’s yours?” (from Anne’s Instagram)

Anne showed a photo taken at a golf course. Holding the shaft portion of an iron with both hands and leaning against a thick tree, Ann is wearing a long-sleeved top with a brown and white plaid pattern and a mini skirt. Her white high socks and shoes are very neat. Her bangs are parted to the left and right, and her forehead is showing.

This photo is believed to be an advertisement for Mizuno Golf Apparel, for which Anne is a model. Ahn has also appeared in PR videos for the company’s products.

Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1990, Ahn moved to New Zealand when she was nine years old and began playing golf in earnest, joining the KLPGA in 2008 and becoming a professional golfer. She then decided to make her Japan women’s golf debut in 2017.

Although she has garnered a great deal of attention as a professional golfer, recently she has been exclusively talked about for her fashion sense. She likes to wear bold designs in her personal clothing, which she shows on Instagram. All of them are well received by her fans, and she always receives many admiring comments.

On the golf course, Anne also wears well-designed clothes. She says, “I like things that make my body look tight,” and she wears tight-fitting clothes that clearly show her body line. And she often wears mini-skirts, which has created new golf fans.

The golf season is coming soon, when Anne will be on a rampage. ……!

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