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Sudden death of Katsuya Kitamura: Bodybuilding friends reveal unusual events and slander before his death

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In a video released on October 9, Kitamura was teaching muscle training to a female YouTube star… (from his YouTube channel “Bulk Academy Katsuya Kitamura”)

Regarding former New Japan Pro Wrestling wrestler and bodybuilder Katsuya Kitamura, who died suddenly on October 12 at the young age of 36, a bodybuilder friend of his revealed an anomaly he saw before his death.

Mr. Kitamura was a famous amateur wrestler who won seven Japanese amateur wrestling titles and participated in the World Championships. He later joined New Japan Pro-Wrestling, but retired from professional wrestling in 1919 due to injury.

After becoming a bodybuilder, he also gained popularity as a YouTube user, posting training videos. Last year, he participated in the martial arts event “RIZIN” for the first time and fought against Bobby Ologun. He lost by a single point.

In the YouTube video, he revealed that he is in the process of losing weight as the next tournament is coming up.

The last time a bodybuilder with the same last name died in Japan was Muscle Kitamura-san in May ’00. Coincidentally, bodybuilders with the same last name have died in succession.

Bodybuilding is a physically demanding sport, and even overseas athletes often die suddenly. Some of them are thought to have died from the side effects of anabolic steroids (muscle-enhancing drugs),” said a sports newspaper reporter.

On March 16, popular Japanese YouTube star and bodybuilder Haga Seven posted a video in which he expressed his deepest condolences for Kitamura’s death. He prayed for Kitamura’s soul and mentioned his unusual condition.

Haga said he happened to see Kitamura at an event in May.

He was walking aimlessly all the time, talking to himself all the time, and acting strangely. His body was abnormally dark, and there was a strange atmosphere.

Haga was also concerned that Mr. Kitamura had been targeted by some users who were trying to take advantage of him and beat him up on the Internet.

I thought that after being criticized so much on the Internet and receiving harsh words in the real world, and being driven by a sense of duty and continuing to compete in tournaments while losing weight that he did not feel good about, he may have suffered a mental breakdown with nowhere to run to.

The last video on Kitamura’s YouTube channel, released on October 9, was a joint leg training session with a female YouTube star named “Chanyota. After the hard training, Kitamura said to Chanyota

Please don’t use the stairs today. If you fall down, it will be a big problem. Why did you come here?

Chanyota replied, “By car.

“By car.

and Chanyota replied, “By car. The staff then asked

“We rode together, didn’t we?”

The staff member immediately pointed out, “You rode together. Kitamura, who is famous for his “natural character,” showed his character.

Mr. Kitamura was always conscious of his professionalism. The image of him entertaining and encouraging his fans will be etched in the minds of many. Gassho.

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