GACKT has been back… Why did GACKT quietly appear at JR Shinagawa station? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

GACKT has been back… Why did GACKT quietly appear at JR Shinagawa station?

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GACKT comes out of the Shinkansen ticket gate at Shinagawa station, his steps very light.

Shinagawa Station in Tokyo in early October was filled with office workers and office ladies on their way home from work. A man with a mysterious aura appeared at the Shinkansen ticket gate. Wearing damaged jeans, silver loafers, and sunglasses, GACKT (49) walked with a downcast look on his face. Several staff members were following behind him.

GACKT announced last September that he was taking an indefinite hiatus due to a worsening of a chronic illness. He said he was suffering from a nervous system disease and severe voice disorder, and at one point considered retiring. He will start filming in mid-October for the movie “Tonde Saitama Part II,” in which he stars alongside Fumi Nikaido (28).

Let the people of Saitama eat grass!”

The movie “Tonde Saitama” released in 2019, with this memorable line, recorded a box-office revenue of 3.76 billion yen. It was a huge hit, winning 12 awards at that year’s Japan Academy Awards. Fans who have been waiting for his next film must be happy to see his return this time.

GACKT returned to Tokyo from the Kansai region on the Shinkansen bullet train that day, and although his hair had fallen out and his skin was as rough as an elephant during his recuperation period, he was striding through the station with firm steps that day.

As GACKT exited the ticket gate, a huge American car was waiting to pick him up, and he and his staff got into the car. GACKT smiled wryly at the people in town who gazed at the scene in amazement.

At the time of the production announcement.

I hope you are looking forward to the further power-up of this spectacular farce. I’m anxious.”

Fans have nothing but high hopes for the show.

As for playing a high school student again at the age of 49, he commented, “No, right?” GACKT made a self-deprecating comment.

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