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Masahiro Higashide’s “Love on Location”: The office is amazed at his romantic nature

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Masahiro Higashide is the subject of a new girlfriend report. Higashide and his adulterous partner Erika Karada were together at the Cannes Film Festival in ’18.

Masahiro Higashiide, who divorced actress Anzu last August, has a “new girlfriend,” according to the October 14 edition of Shukan Bunshun, which reported on Higashiide’s relationship with a half-beautiful woman five years his junior.

It is said that he is still in love with this beautiful woman, whom he has been approaching fiercely since May of this year, and has had her move into his neighborhood, where they meet every day. And even though they see each other a lot, they even make video calls to each other every night to confirm their love.

But according to Bunshun, Higashide even invited her to Hiroshima, where he was filming, and had her stay at a hotel where the staff was staying.

According to the report, Higashide even invited her to stay with him in Hiroshima, where he was filming, for a series of nights at a hotel where the staff was also staying. “Of course, the hotel was taken for work, so some people might say that it’s not appropriate to invite her there secretly. And if the hotel hadn’t been informed of the extra guests, it would have been against the rules. There is no denying the possibility that the other person stayed at the hotel without paying.

When you stay at a hotel, you have to disclose your name and address, and if the hotel is being used by a company related to the filming, it will cause more trouble for them. Even after the affair, there were many people in the film industry who took care of Higashide in one way or another. “Even those involved in the film industry have expressed their disgust at her laxity in accompanying him to the location.

It seems that Higashide’s agency did not take his side, either because they sensed the flames or because they were really fed up. In an interview with Bunshun

“I checked with her, and it seems that everything is true. If what happened on location is true, then I have to say that it was a very ill-advised move considering Higashide’s current situation.

He replied.

Higashiide’s affair with Erika Karada came to light, and he was forced to withdraw from commercials.

“It is said that Higashide could not pay the penalty, which is said to be 200 or 400 million yen, by himself and that his office is taking over the responsibility. Mr. Higashide’s movie “The Sound of Grass” is currently being screened, and just when his work was gradually coming back, this morally lacking behavior came out. I’m sure his office is very angry.

His ex-wife, Anne, appeared at the press conference for the French Film Festival 2021 held at the French Embassy on April 14. Anne used to live in France and appeared at the Paris Collection, and on September 1 she appeared on “100 Million People’s Big Questions! Laugh and Koraete! (Nippon Television Network Corporation) on September 1.

“(Nippon Television Network Corporation), she commented, “My future dream is to live in Europe.

(Nippon Television Network Corporation), she commented, “My dream is to live in Europe. She is currently studying French very hard.

“She is planning to move to France with her three children in case they get hurt when they find out the details of Higashide’s affair. The fact that she had a secret meeting with her new boyfriend on location this time must be very disgusting to Ms. Anne. It would be better for her mental health to forget everything and raise her child abroad.

Higashiide had an affair with Karada while Anzu was pregnant. Even after the divorce, Higashide has caused such a stir in the public eye, but I wonder if she has a personality that requires her to stay close to her new lover even at work. At any rate, it seems that she is definitely a “romantic”…

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