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Former fiancée talks about the depth of “Kayo Komuro’s 16 million yen refund trouble

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Last October, Kei Komuro and Mako Muroko were talking seriously in the underground parking lot of a hospital in Tokyo (Photo by Takayuki Ogawauchi)

I remember the “goldsmith man” very well. I remember meeting him at a restaurant near my house when I was still engaged to Kayo. Kei-kun was there too. However, what happened after that is an event I don’t really want to remember.

Mr. A, a former fiancee of Ms. Kayo, Kei Komuro’s mother, said so. As you know, last November, after negotiations with Ms. Kei Komuro, Mr. A received the 4 million yen he had been seeking a refund for many years in the form of a “settlement payment. There is a reason why this magazine visited Mr. A, who said, “I don’t have reporters coming to my house anymore.

The September 22 issue of Shukan Bunshun carried an article titled “Kei Komuro’s Mother in 16 Million Yen Police Trouble with Ex-Lover for ‘Returning Money Paid in Tribute. According to the article, Kayo recently got back together with a man, a metal engraver, with whom she had been dating since around 2002. However, their relationship deteriorated, and Kayo demanded a refund of the 16 million yen she had “contributed” to him. It is said that the relationship has even developed into police trouble.

Mr. A was engaged to Ms. Kayo in 2010. Mr. A recalls, “At the time, I was working for an important client of the company.

Mr. A recalls, “At the time, I was worried about a broken cufflink of an important client of the company. Kayo told me, ‘I know someone who knows a lot about jewelry. She told me, ‘I know someone who knows a lot about jewelry, and he might be able to do something about it. I was very troubled, so I decided to ask her to introduce him to me.

On the day of the meeting, we decided to meet at a restaurant close to my and Kayo-san’s home. There were four of us: myself, Kayo-san, a man who was an engraver, and Kei. There was no particular need for him to be present, but since Kayo-san and Kei-kun were always together wherever they went at that time, he followed Kayo-san as usual.”

On the spot, Mr. A showed the actual cufflinks to the man who was the engraver. He said, “The craftsman is in Yamanashi, so I will take care of it for a while. What made him feel uncomfortable was when Kayo tried to wipe her nose with a hand towel during the process. The man who was an engraver saw this and said, “You’re so dirty, don’t do that.

He said, “How could a mere acquaintance use such language? I remember feeling that they were not friendly or familiar with each other. I was there, but Kei-kun hardly said anything.

However, hearing these words reminded me of something. I remembered something: “I recognize his face. I had seen him at the entrance of my apartment building. At that time, I did not know about their “real relationship,” but I later learned that they had been living together.

It is well known that Mr. A, Kayo, and Kei used to live in different rooms of the same apartment building. Before Mr. A and Kayo became engaged, the goldsmith, Kayo, and Kei were living in the same apartment.

Mr. A continues, “At that time, I was just a resident of the apartment with Kayo’s family, but I remember that there were rumors about ‘that room. A nearby resident said to me, ‘I always hear people arguing in that room. I heard that they were arguing over money. In fact, one Sunday morning I heard loud yelling coming from that room, and I jumped out of bed. Looking back on it now, I think Kayo and the man who was the metal engraver were arguing.

What kind of “trouble” did Mr. A get into after that? Continue to the second part , “The Identity of the ‘Gold Engraver’ Who Came to Light in Kayo Komuro’s ’16 Million Trouble ‘”.

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