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Kayo Komuro’s 16 Million Trouble Surfaces: Identity of Her Goldsmith Boyfriend

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Kei Komuro’s Mother Kayo Reportedly in “Financial Trouble” Again

Kei Komuro’s mother, Kayo, is reported to be in financial trouble. She recently got back together with her former boyfriend, a goldsmith, but is now demanding a refund of the 16 million yen she has given to him. Continuing from the previous article, “Former Fiancee Speaks Out on Kayo Komuro’s 16 Million Yen Refund Trouble,” we interviewed Ms. Kayo’s former fiancee, Mr. A, who was once involved in a certain trouble regarding this man who was a goldsmith.

Mr. A recalls the time.

One or two weeks after I met the goldsmith, he contacted me. He said, ‘There is an excellent craftsman in Yamanashi, and I think he can repair it. But it will be cut out of the rough stone.’ He said, ‘I am going to Yamanashi, too. I decided to ask him to do it, because I had only one thought in my mind: to fix the customer’s cufflinks.’

In the end, the amount of money spent on the repair was far more than the original amount for the cufflinks. However, since it was for an important customer, I thought it was unavoidable. However, when we sent the cufflinks to the customer, which had been repaired, he was furious with us. The cufflinks were special and had a certain problems when they originally arrived at our company. However, I was not aware of it, and thinking I had repaired it already, I gave it to the customer as it was. That made our valued customer angry.”

What surprised Mr. A was what happened next.

“Kayo told me later that he knew that there were a certain problems with the cufflinks, Mr. A said. I was very surprised by this. If he knew, why didn’t he tell me? I have paid him a fair amount of money, and I don’t understand why he didn’t tell me.

Furthermore, some time after I met him, Kayo told me, ‘I used to live with (the engraver). Even if I was his fiancée at that time. Why would she tell me such a story? In the first place, the fact that she was still meeting and communicating with him without my knowledge was incomprehensible to me. Again, she and I were engaged at the time. I felt intensely uncomfortable with them because of these events: the fact that they kept in touch with the person I used to live with, that they brought us together without telling me about it, and that they did not even tell me about the cufflinks issue.

After this, I asked Kayo to break off the engagement because of her repeated requests for debts from me. But at the same time, there were many times when I felt uncomfortable with these actions and words of hers, and the accumulation of these events was also one of the reasons for canceling of our engagement.”

Mr. A was very surprised to hear the news again about the goldsmith.

Mr. A continues, “Of course I had no idea that Kayo and he had gotten back together, and I was very surprised. I do not know the details of the financial trouble between them, but Kayo told me, ‘I was taking care of the goldsmith man. I remember that she said, ‘She never put any money in the house. But why is she doing that now (demanding a refund of 16 million yen)? Is she in need of money…? I don’t know why.”

Soon, the results of Kei Komuro’s third bar examination will be announced. It seems certain that their surroundings are once again becoming noisy.

  • Photographed by Keisuke Nishi

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