The Komuro couple and Kako’s relationship…what Noriko is “struggling with right now”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Komuro couple and Kako’s relationship…what Noriko is “struggling with right now”.

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It was contrary to “expectations.

Throughout the year, Princess Noriko Akishino (56) has few opportunities to speak publicly about what is on her mind, and one such occasion was the comment she made on the occasion of her birthday on September 11. In a written response to questions from the press, she mentioned Mako Komuro (30) and Kei (31) in the following terms.

《I sincerely hope that the two of you will join forces, take care of your health, and live your new life peacefully. I wish you both the best of luck.

Although it is not possible for us to see each other in person at this time, I hope to take care of the flowers in my garden, build an archway of fragrant wood roses, and one day walk through the garden with my daughter.

Noriko’s message to Mr. and Mrs. Komuro was extremely conciliatory and euphemistic. In other words, it was “simple” and one could say that one could sense the distance between them.

Many people think that Mako occupies a large part of Noriko’s heart, but in fact it is not that much. She has already left the imperial family and married. There are limits to what she can do to help, and it seems that she basically feels that she and her husband have no choice but to overcome the difficulties together.

So, what is occupying much of Noriko’s mind? The Imperial Household journalist continues.

Kako’s (27) relationship and marriage, and Eugene’s (16) advancement to higher education. Especially, the color of their eyes seems to be changing.

This spring, Eugene graduated from Ochanomizu Junior High School and went on to high school at the University of Tsukuba.

Since Ochanomizu is an all-girls school from high school onward, the school that Eugene went to became the focus of public attention. While there was talk of using the ‘affiliated school system’ between Ochanomizu and Tsukuba to advance to higher education, as Mako’s marriage approached, there were harsh comments from the public about the Akishino family, such as ‘imperial family privileges.

In February of this year, when Eugene was preparing for higher education, it was revealed that an essay he had written and won in a contest was very similar to an essay that had not been cited as a reference.

We wondered what was going on in Princess Noriko’s mind in the six months or so since that controversial period.

I heard that Eugene-sama’s grades have not improved as much as expected. It seems that the efforts made during the summer vacation have not resulted in any results. From the outside, it seems that there is still plenty of time left, but I hear that Noriko herself is getting a little impatient, saying that at this pace she won’t make it in time.

There have been various rumors about her entering the University of Tokyo on recommendation or attending Waseda-Keio or Sophia University, but….

I have not heard that they have narrowed it down to one. However, there is some information that he is looking for some form of recommendation or some other form of admission before the February examination period. In addition to his own reasons for applying, he will probably make his decision after taking into consideration such important points as the distance from the residence to the university and the ease of security.

Based on this, there are only about two years left to go. Whether this means “two more years” or “two more years” remains to be seen. Noriko’s “anguish” is likely to continue for the time being.

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