The murder of a 77-year-old woman who was in pain and wanted to kill her… “The darkness of a family too deep”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The murder of a 77-year-old woman who was in pain and wanted to kill her… “The darkness of a family too deep”.

Hamura City, Tokyo, Japan - After the unemployed 47-year-old man's third son, a reclusive 74-year-old sister was also murdered.

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The incident took place at a house in Hamura City, where the second daughter was strangled with an electric cord in a first-floor bedroom and was taken to the hospital, where she died.

“My sister fell down at home in mid-September and broke her hip, making it difficult for her to walk. She had fallen and broken her hip at home in mid-September, making it difficult for her to walk. “She told me, ‘It’s hard for me to live,’ and ‘I’m in pain, so kill me,’ so I killed her.

On September 20, her sister, Kikuyo Kodama, 77, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder for strangling Kimiko Goto, 74, at her home in Hamura City, Tokyo. When interrogated by the Fussa Police Station of the Metropolitan Police Department, Kodama reportedly made the following statement. Kodama was out on bail after being indicted on suspicion of the commissioned murder of his third son, Akira (47), in April this year.

What happened between the suspect and his family?

Akira was murdered in April of this year at the suspect’s home in Akiruno City, Tokyo. His eldest and second sons are now independent, but Akira suffers from diabetes and has not held a job since his twenties.

“When Kodama’s husband died of cancer on March 16 of this year, the mother and son were apparently living on the family pension. While Kodama stated that the suspect strangled her son, there was no evidence of strangulation on the body, and it was possible that Akira died from a large dose of insulin that he himself had retained to treat his diabetes. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department had released Kodama on bail on July 8 this year, saying that the death could not be ruled out as another murder.

After being released on bail, Kodama was living with his sister Kimiko at her parents’ house in Hamura City.

“After being released on bail, Kodama lived with his younger sister Kimiko in their family home in Hamura. Her second daughter, Kimiko, and her third daughter, who was handicapped, were not working, I think. From time to time, Kikuyo, who had gotten married and left home, came to check on them, but I wondered how they lived after the death of her father, a janitor at the elementary school, 20 years ago. There were few neighbors, and I don’t think they held a funeral for their third daughter when she passed away five years ago. I didn’t even know that Kikuyo had come back.

The sisters, who were in their seventies, ended up living together just two months later. Moreover, following the incident with the son, there is something puzzling about the sister’s death. Another neighbor testified.

“I saw the two of them walking together a few days before the incident. Two or three days later, an ambulance came to the front of Ms. Goto’s house, but it left without picking anyone up. If she had broken bones, they would have taken her to the hospital. ……”

The aforementioned reporter also pointed out the following.

“The suspect’s statement is not true. Kimiko did not have a broken hip bone, but actually seven ribs. Was it really a murder for hire? The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is conducting a careful investigation.

It may have been a tragedy brought on by complicated family circumstances.

From “FRIDAY” October 15, 2021 issue

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