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Two Celebrities’ Female Trouble” Behind Ren Ozawa’s “Sudden Return

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Teruyuki Kagawa’s sexual assault of a hostess caused a huge stir. The ripples extended to an unexpected place.

Teruyuki Kagawa made a sudden comeback.

On October 8, Ren Ozawa, 31, a TV personality, announced on his SNS that he had resumed his career, having been fired from his agency and suspended from performing since the end of 2008 due to the problems surrounding domestic violence against a former boyfriend and an abortion.

His sudden comeback has drawn criticism. According to reports, Ozawa’s female partner was forced to have an abortion and even attempted suicide. Since this is not a mere passionate love affair or adultery, it is only natural that there are doubts about the resumption of his entertainment activities” (sports newspaper reporter).

On the Internet, photos of a person who looks like Ozawa enjoying diving in Okinawa during his activity hiatus have been spreading. Furthermore, a Twitter account for the manager, operated by a local friend, was frozen after only a few days as a “violation of management. The announcement of his return to the show itself seems to have been made in a rather forceful manner. A senior executive of an entertainment company revealed, “He is one of the best 5D actors.

2.Ozawa was one of the most popular 5D actors. There is no doubt about his ability, but… (from his Twitter account)

The timing of Ozawa’s comeback has actually changed two or three times. It seems that his intention was always to resume his entertainment activities as soon as possible. So, at first, he planned to return on August 12, his birthday. However, due to delays in preparations and other factors, he missed the timing.

The situation changed with the revelation of a series of celebrity problems with women: actor Kagawa (Teruyuki, 56) at the end of August, and Giants player Sakamoto (Hayato, 33) in mid-September. So those around him advised him, ‘Since you also took time off because of your female troubles, you should consider your public image and postpone your return. In fact, they had been discussing the possibility of returning to work as early as the end of this year, or even after the new year, depending on the situation. However, due in part to his own selfish intentions, he made a hasty announcement of his return at this point in time, without having completely finished coordinating with the parties concerned.

In the post announcing his return, Ozawa wrote, “Thankfully, there were people who cared about me and called me for the past two years, and their voices and words helped me many times. I want to live up to their expectations, and I have made up my mind to resume my entertainment activities. However, a senior executive of an entertainment company expressed indignation at this statement.

When his troubles with women were reported, there were many people who reached out to him. In fact, I was one of them. However, there was no prior communication from him about his return. It is very unfortunate that he was in such a hurry to return to work that he made a self-centered decision without going through the proper channels to the people who helped him in his time of need.

His decision to return to work was made too hastily. I think he has a lot of things to do before “resuming his entertainment activities”…

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