The reason why “King & Prince” appeared at Shinagawa station in the middle of the night. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The reason why “King & Prince” appeared at Shinagawa station in the middle of the night.

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Kaito Takahashi alighted at Shinagawa Station. He was dressed in midwinter clothes, perhaps because it had been raining all day and the temperature was a chilly 14 degrees Celsius.

Near midnight in mid-October, the Shinkansen platform at Shinagawa Station in Tokyo was filled with young women waiting for their trains to arrive. The bullet train they wanted had arrived, and the women rushed to the platform. The members of “King&Prince” alighted from the train. They had been invited as guests to the “2022 Honda F1 Japanese Grand Prix,” which was being held in Japan for the first time in three years.

They were wearing matching polo shirts and jumpers with the Honda logo and were photographed touring the circuit and reporting on the Red Bull pit, which has a partnership with Honda. The sports newspaper reporter said, “The Honda logo was on display in the pits of the Red Bull team.

The one who delighted his fans the most was the one who left Johnny’s in March 2009, when he left Kimpuri due to a chronic illness. It was a reunion scene with Iwahashi Genki (25), who is now working as an artist on his own. The members of the group appeared in the stands and noticed Iwahashi, who was one floor above them, waving to him and taking selfies with him.

Many of the fans waiting at Nagoya Station for the members to return to Tokyo after the convention, were hoping that perhaps Iwahashi-kun would be with them…” Probably many fans gathered at Shinagawa Station as well, hoping to see the miraculous moment” (one of the Johnny’s fans).

From the bullet train, all the members got off, led by Ren Nagase (23), followed by Kaito Takahashi (23), then Shiyou Hirano (25), Yuta Jinguji (24), and Yuta Kishi (27). The members walked in single file between the staff guarding both sides of them, then got into the office car and drove away. Iwahashi was not among them, but it must have been a supreme joy for the fans to be able to reconfirm the bond between the six members.

King & Prince” got off at Shinagawa Station. Fans looked on from a distance so as not to obstruct the flow of traffic as the members followed Ren Nagase, who was walking in the lead.

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