Nao Omori, Hio Miyazawa… Takumi Saito’s “overwhelming presence” shines through at the gorgeous location shoots. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nao Omori, Hio Miyazawa… Takumi Saito’s “overwhelming presence” shines through at the gorgeous location shoots.

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Saito on location for a movie. When the camera rolls, Saito’s usual mild-mannered demeanor changes completely, and he instantly becomes an actor.

The popular actor is about to make his next big leap forward.

The movie “Goodbye Cruel World” opened in September this year. It is a crime entertainment film depicting the confrontation between a gang of robbers who have stolen a large sum of money from the yakuza and a yakuza organization bent on revenge, and has received high acclaim for its unpredictable, thrilling plot and spectacular action scenes.

The film’s star-studded cast is even more impressive. In addition to Hidetoshi Nishijima (51), who plays the lead role, the cast includes veterans Daisuke Miyagawa (50) and Nao Omori (50), as well as up-and-coming young talent such as Hio Miyazawa (28) and Tina Tamaki (24). Among the cast, actor Takumi Saito (41) has a strong presence.

In this film, Saito gives an impassioned performance as a criminal who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. This time, he has put aside his signature “sexy” look to take on the challenge of violent acting. His scumbag character in the film is realistic and crazy, and he is an indispensable part of the film. On set, he is friendly to the crew, but once filming starts, he can play any role with ease. That’s why he is so trusted on set.

Miyazawa gave a convincing performance as a member of the robbers. His dyed red hair is eye-catching.

We actually caught a glimpse of this side of Saito in a location scene at a coffee shop in Sagamihara City in late June of last year. Wearing a tank top, Saito strode around the scene with bloodshot eyes. The expression on his face showed his demonic side. However, once the camera stopped, he looked calm and chatted with the staff. In the evening, he got into the location car and left the coffee shop.

This spring, Saito played the lead role in “Shin Ultraman. In addition to this film, he is scheduled to appear in “Legend & Butterfly,” a film commemorating Toei’s 70th anniversary next year, which is said to cost 2 billion yen to produce.

Mr. Saito has been announced as playing the role of Ieyasu Tokugawa. He was cast as an actor who can compete with Takuya Kimura, 49, who plays the lead role of Nobunaga Oda. The film is highly anticipated as a film with the best cast and crew in the history of Japanese cinema, and it is no exaggeration to say that he has truly joined the ranks of big-name actors if he has been cast in the film.

He is highly trusted by his co-stars and other related people, and once the cameras roll, he gives a stunning performance. Saito’s strong performance is likely to continue in the future, as he is set to appear in a succession of high-profile productions.

Omori was also on set. In the film, he plays a detective who is into underhanded business.
  • Photo Takayuki Ogawauchi

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