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Big difference from Giant Sakamoto! Returning 2.5D Actor with Alleged Abortion “Tough Future”

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Sakamoto of the Giants, who was passed over by the major media for alleged abortion. On the left is his colleague at the time, Masahiko Morifuku, photographed in March 2006.

Following the baseball world, I have the impression that the 2.5-dimension actor world is also …….

The issue of the Giants’ Hayato Sakamoto’s forced abortion is now causing a stir in the world. Not surprisingly, 2.5D actor Ren Ozawa (31), who had also been suspended due to allegations of forced abortions, announced the resumption of his activities.

Ren Ozawa is one of the most popular 2.5D actors, known for his roles in the “Diamond A” stage series and “Osomatsu-san. However, at the end of 2008, he was accused of domestic violence against his girlfriend. It was reported that the woman had been forced to have an abortion and even attempted suicide, and her agency immediately dismissed her.

However, Ozawa later denied the allegations, saying they were “10% fact and 90% lies. Even so, there was no doubt that he had been engaging in SM acts with minors, and the fact that his LINE messages filled with words such as “master,” “training,” and “pet” had surfaced forced him to refrain from his activities. ……

The Surprising Reason Why Fans Are Outraged

Ozawa announcing the resumption of his activities (from his Twitter feed).

About two years have passed since then. Ozawa posted a handwritten message on Twitter apologizing and saying that he would resume his activities. He said that his friend from his school days, “Hakki,” will be managing the company from now on.

In the baseball world, no newspapers or TV stations reported the issue of Sakamoto’s forced abortion, and he continued to play in games as usual even after the issue was discovered. I was almost discouraged. However, it seems that the situation is very different from that of the baseball world, as a manga magazine editor familiar with the 2.5-dimensional stage scene said

Mr. Ozawa was a 2.5-dimensional actor in the leading role and was quite popular. He was a 2.5-dimensional actor in the lead role, and he was very popular. But that doesn’t mean he can immediately go on stage, which is the tricky part of the 2.5D stage world.

2.Many fans of the 5-D stage are not so much fans of individual actors, but rather fans of the original manga characters. So if Ren Ozawa was cast as their favorite character, they would be outraged and there would be a huge firestorm. I don’t think anyone would be afraid to use Ren Ozawa. Isn’t it best for him to work in movies like Masahiro Higashide or other works that are not based on original works?”

A female photographer specializing in stage magazines also had the following to say.

After the riot, however, he was flooded with criticism and was no longer in a condition to perform, and he was eventually forced to retire from acting altogether. Even now, he has not made a comeback.

2.Because the 5-D stage is a small world, once an actor’s image is tarnished, all of his fans become his enemies at once. That is why it would be difficult for Ren Ozawa to return to the stage. Moreover, with the Sakamoto case, it is almost unthinkable for him to resume his activities at a time when the public is becoming more and more sensitive to the issue of abortion. Personally, I can’t see myself doing it either.

It seems that the 2.5-dimensional stage world is more strict about misogi than any other world. I wish the baseball world were the same way. ……

Handwritten message from Ren Ozawa on his Twitter (from his Twitter)
  • Interview and text by Nanako

    Born in Ehime Prefecture. After working at a broadcasting station, she became a freelance writer. She specializes in interviews with celebrities and analysis of popular events, and is always on the lookout for serial dramas and popular Japanese movies. She is a well-known beautiful writer in the magazine industry.

  • Photo by Takahiro Kagawa

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