KOC Winner! Biscuit Bros. furious: “We won’t have a break until the end of the year.” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

KOC Winner! Biscuit Bros. furious: “We won’t have a break until the end of the year.”

I owe my victory with the highest score of all time to my three benefactors.

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Harada (right) and Kikin celebrate their victory, holding up the trophy. When Hitoshi Matsumoto gave him the highest score ever, Harada said, “I was happy as if I had been given a stamp of approval.

I feel like I became a star in an instant. I’m really happy that I have 30 jobs already and won’t have a break until the end of the year.”

The 15th King of Conte 2022 champion, KIN (31), is a member of the Biscuit Brothers.

He captured the glory with the highest score in the history of the competition, thanks to the strong character of Taiga Harada (30) and his outstanding acting ability as a boorish comedian. On the day after the final, when we directly interviewed the two, still in a state of excitement, what came out of their mouths were words of gratitude to the “three benefactors” who had helped them so much.

Harada: “ Immediately after winning the championship, I received about 400 calls from people congratulating me, and I thought my cell phone was going to break.

KIN “ We can finally repay those who have helped us. It was Ringo’s sister (61) from “High Heels” who laid the foundation for our comedy. I can’t tell you how many times she has invited us to her show since we were unknown. ……

Harada: “ The first time I was invited on the show, when I first met her, she said, ‘You’re dirty! (laugh). When I was surprised, he said to me, “If you’re a comedian, you should be proud of yourself! (Laughs). I was taught for the first time how to pretend to be a comedian and how to give a good punch. My sister taught me most of the basics of comedy.

Before the finals, the words of his fellow comedians also gave him strength.

Harada: “Seiya (30) from SHIMOFURI MYOJO took care of me at every opportunity. When we held a rally before the finals, he praised me, saying, ‘You guys are amazing, being a finalist twice is amazing. If you have dinner with me, you’ll be the champion. The junior I had dinner with before won first place at the theater.

Kin “ I thought, ‘The theater? I thought, ‘Theatre? But I actually won, and I am grateful for that.

In addition to the comedians, there are other indispensable people in their lives. After winning the competition, the first to express their gratitude was their manager, who has supported them over the years.

Harada: “ Even when we lost confidence, our manager always said, ‘We’re going to win. That was a big reason why we didn’t get too worked up.

Kin “ My manager also arranged the costumes I wore in the finals, including the custom-made sailor suit. They did everything for us except for the material, so they really helped us out.

Harada: “ We are a duo, but sometimes it feels like we are a trio. It’s like the manager is the leader and we are the flat performers who follow him (laughs).

Kin “ It is no exaggeration to say that our manager made us win. I have nothing but gratitude.

With the support of their benefactors, the duo achieved their long-cherished dream of winning the championship in the 12th year since their formation. When asked how they would use the 10 million yen prize money, they gave a surprising answer.

Kin said, “ I have an 89-year-old grandmother. I want to buy her a 400,000 yen electric wheelchair. My share is 5 million yen, so I will buy 12 of them. I also need one for my friend (laughs).”

Harada “ I have a piece of land in my hometown of Kishiwada City, where my parents live, and I want to spend 10 million yen to build a “Visbula Park.

Kin “ Hey! Don’t spend mine!

When asked about their future goals, KIN revealed his honest desire to eventually expand into Tokyo, and HARADA’s eyes lit up as he said, “I want to become a multi-talented person who can also write screenplays, like Bakarhythm (46). Their rapid progress has only just begun.

In addition to the three of them, they say that they have been supported by many friends. First of all, I want to tour theaters in my hometown of Osaka,” they say.
Biscuit Bros. “King of Conte” Champion reveals his secret story.
Biscuit Bros. “King of Conte” champion revealed his secret story.
Unpublished cut from the magazine Secret story revealed by the Biscuit Brothers “King of Contest” champions

From the October 28 and November 4, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

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