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Holliemon also “troublesome” behind Hiroyuki’s “sit-in” comment

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Hiroyuki (left) and Holliemon (right) are now “fighting,” but they used to be “allies” in the past… (2011)

Hiroyuki Nishimura, a.k.a. “Hiroyuki,” is the founder of 2channel and a businessman. As you may know, Hiroyuki’s comments about the “sit-in protests” by opponents of the relocation of the Futenma Air Station to Henoko, Nago City, have caused a stir on the Internet and elsewhere.

On October 3, Hiroyuki uploaded a photo to Twitter showing himself with a signboard at Henoko that read, “Sit-in protest for 3011 days until abandonment of the new base.

Since there was no one at the sit-in protest, shouldn’t we make it 0 days?

The tweet was met with disapproval on the Internet. The Internet was flooded with various opinions for and against this tweet. However, Hiroyuki continued to tweet on the following day, the 4th.

Sitting-in” means sitting on the spot and not moving. To sit and not move in order to achieve a goal. Did the meaning of the dictionary change without your knowledge?

He said, “I don’t know if the dictionary has changed its meaning. The TV personality LaSalle Ishii said on Twitter

Three times a day, dozens of trucks bring in earth and sand. To stop them, the old people sit down. The guards pick them up and remove them. They have been doing this day after day for years. If they could see this, they would not be able to say such a thing.

Hiroyuki criticized the trucks. Hiroyuki also criticized the situation.

Describing three weekdays of about 20 minutes of protests a day as “3011 days of sit-ins” is misleading, so why don’t you change it to protests? I told this to the local people I spoke to, but they didn’t give me a straight answer.

I replied. While there has been much criticism of Hiroyuki’s post, on the other hand, it has also received many sympathetic “likes.

On the other hand, Takafumi Horie, a.k.a. “Holiemon,” who shuns Hiroyuki, responded in a YouTube video on April 4

He said, “It’s so bothersome. He likes to make fun of such trivial things, doesn’t he?

He said, “Hiroyuki is a member of the former Unification Church.

In the issue of the former Unification Church, Mr. Hiroyuki has been criticizing the cult and holding the politicians responsible. I felt that at the root of his words, he felt that ‘cults should not exist. That is why the public supported Hiroyuki’s words and actions.

But this time, his statement about Henoko. There is no great purpose beyond that. I don’t feel it. There may be people who sympathize with Mr. Horie’s comment that it’s ‘too much trouble'” (reporter from a local newspaper).

A person who knows Hiroyuki said

A person who knows Hiroyuki said, “I think he enjoys seeing how his social networking and other communications reach the public and how they are interpreted. I think he enjoys watching how the ball rolls and where it goes, like the Pythagora switch on E-television.

He is a “Pythagorean switch” kind of guy.

Because of this, he probably doesn’t mind the “flames” this time.

In a sense, those who react to Hiroyuki’s words and actions are also “experimental subjects. In a sense, those who react to Hiroyuki’s words and actions are “experimental subjects. He just loves to “observe” people. I think that’s all.

On May 5, Okinawa Governor Denny Tamaki responded to questions from reporters about Hiroyuki’s post.

I don’t feel any respect for the many people who have been protesting for over 3,000 days in the field. It’s unfortunate.”

He commented, “It is unfortunate. It seems that this issue will continue to linger.

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