Hiromi Nagasaku is a hot topic! Why the Actress Who Plays the Mother in Morning Drama is in the Spotlight | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiromi Nagasaku is a hot topic! Why the Actress Who Plays the Mother in Morning Drama is in the Spotlight

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Hiromi Nagasaku enjoys a night out in Ginza with her husband, filmmaker Maro Naito, 52.” She’s perfect as a realistic mother.

She’s still as beautiful as ever.

She’s just too cute.

These are just a few of the many comments of admiration for Hiromi Nagasaku (51), who appeared in NHK’s television series “Soaring” that started on October 3. Nagasaku plays the role of Megumi, the mother of the heroine Mai Iwakura, played by Haruka Fukuhara (24).

LiLiCo (51), who appeared as a guest on “Asaichi” immediately after the first episode aired, mentioned Nagasaku.

She said, “We are miraculously the same age. I wonder what happened to him.

The host, Daikichi Hanamaru (51), also commented, “We are all the same.

We are all the same age. We are the same age.

Nagasaku may be outstanding.

He marveled at her “beauty. However, Nagasaku’s charm is not limited to her youthfulness.

In the movie “Cicada of the Eighth Day,” Nagasaku plays a mother who raises a kidnapped girl as her own child. In the movie “Asa ga kuru” (Morning Comes), she played a mother who accepts her son, who is not related to her, through adoption. There is no actress on the right side of the spectrum when it comes to playing a mother who struggles to raise her child or who shows an unusual amount of love for her child. We saw glimpses of this in the first week of “Soar Away.

Megumi helps out at her husband’s factory while struggling to prepare her sickly son, Mai, for his junior high school entrance exams, and as a result, she is driven to the verge of a mental breakdown. This process is very realistic. Nagasaku herself is a mother of two children, and in playing Megumi, she says

She said, “It was good that I knew from firsthand experience how different life is for children before and after school, how difficult it is in the morning, and to what extent I could pick up on the sensitive aspects of children’s decision to go to school or not.

I enjoyed the experience of raising a child once more through the role,” she said.

I am enjoying the experience of raising a child once more through my role.

Not only Ms. Nagasaku, but all the actresses who have played mothers in recent morning dramas have been highly acclaimed. Nanako Matsushima (48) in “Natsuzora,” Hiroko Yakushimaru (58) in “Yale,” Kyoka Suzuki (54) in “Okaeri Monet,” and Yukie Nakama (42) in “Chimudoton.

says an NHK drama production staff member. As to the reason for this, he said.

The heroine of an “asadora” drama is played by three actresses at most: a child actress, a young girl, and the main actress. On the other hand, the role of the mother is basically played by the same actress alone. In a sense, she is in the role for a longer period of time than the heroine, so she must be a very popular and talented actress to be able to play the role.

She says.

Kyoka Suzuki had this to say about playing the mother of Kaya Kiyohara (20) and Ayamu Makita (20).

The actresses playing the daughters are dazzling. I wondered if this is what a new sensibility is like. …. It’s really a fresh experience for me.” (“Tetsuko’s Interview,” TV Asahi, October 8, 2021)

I am really looking forward to seeing Hiromi Nagasaku’s attractive appearance in the mornings for the next six months.

Nanako Matsushima coming out of her favorite sports club. In “Natsuzora,” she played a dairy farmer in Hokkaido.
In “Yale,” Hiroko Yakushimaru sang the hymn “Urushiri Shirayuri” to great acclaim, saying she had a voice like the Virgin Mary.
Kyoka Suzuki, whose role as the kind mother, Ayako Nagaura, in “Okaeri Monet” was praised by viewers as “more than a god, she is a bodhisattva.
Yukie Nakama, who broke new ground as a “mother actress” with her comical performance as a mother raising four children by herself in “Chichimu Doton”.
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