Cocomi and her mother, Shizuka Kudo, “performing together on a music program” to the delight of fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Cocomi and her mother, Shizuka Kudo, “performing together on a music program” to the delight of fans!

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Singer Shizuka Kudo and her eldest daughter, flutist Cocomi, have been creating quite a stir on the Internet after appearing together on NHK’s “SONGS” broadcast on September 22.

Cocomi and Shizuka Kudo performed together as father and daughter on the music program. The mother and daughter look serious as they go into a meeting (from their Instagram @cocomi_553_official).

Shizuka Kudo, who celebrated the 35th anniversary of her debut, appeared on “SONGS. She has been a singer since the late 80’s and 90’s and still attracts a lot of fans. She has produced everything from songwriting to costumes, makeup, and even dancing. This year, she took on the challenge of doing a self-cover for the first time.

This year, she took on the challenge of doing her first self-cover, performing her past hits and representative songs with a new arrangement, which has become a topic of conversation. Oizumi takes a closer look behind the scenes. In addition, he unravels the singer Shizuka Kudo through the songs of Miyuki Nakajima, whom he admires and to whom he has contributed 24 of his own works. What is the song that Shizuka Kudo chooses from her memories of Miyuki Nakashima and the songs she has chosen from the songs that Miyuki Nakashima has provided to her? She and Oizumi talk passionately about them. In the studio performance, she will not only perform a medley of her greatest hits, but also “Blown By Yellow Dust” with Cocomi, who made her major debut as a flutist this year” (from NHK).

In this context, Cocomi released three two-shot photos of their joint performance: Cocomi is wearing a black see-through dress, and Kudo is wearing a white cutter shirt and a long black skirt. The photos show a father and son having a friendly meeting or performing with a serious expression on their faces.

Cocomi says, “I took this picture when I appeared on NHK’s SONGS a while back. I miss it already” (from Cocomi’s Instagram).

Cocomi has been remarkably active in the past few years. Cocomi is making a splash as a flutist, making her debut on the prestigious DECCA GOLD label in New York, USA. Furthermore, she is also active as a model, and is expanding her activities with a bang, including her voice acting debut in the animated film “Fishing Port Nekko-chan” in 2021.

Some are saying that her appearance on SONGS is a prelude to her appearance on Kohaku, and so on. We can’t take our eyes off Cocomi any more …… !

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