Gershey: “If you expel me, I’ll have no choice” Why NHK Party’s Tachibana is in distress. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gershey: “If you expel me, I’ll have no choice” Why NHK Party’s Tachibana is in distress.

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NHK Party’s controversial councilor Gurthy (from his official YouTube channel)

Since his YouTube account was frozen (banned), the exposure of YouTuber and House of Councilors member Yoshikazu Azumaya, a.k.a. “Garcy,” seems to have decreased. However, he seems to be attracting as much attention as ever on the Internet.

With the start of the fall extraordinary session of the Diet, he is now the focus of particular attention because of the various opinions regarding his decision not to attend the Diet session as in the previous one. Although Garcie became a member of the Diet with the support of many fans, there is no denying that since becoming a member of the Diet, he has been facing stronger headwinds.

Unlike when he was a full-time YouTuber, when he became a member of the Diet, he is getting a lot of flak from people other than his antagonists. He has said that he aims to become a new form of parliamentarian, and being in a foreign country and doing political activities remotely without attending parliament certainly hasn’t happened before. However, the question is whether that is really enough.

What exactly is he doing, and so far all he has done is expose. He promised to expose the truth, and those who agreed with his promise voted for him, so they may be fine with that, but his salary (expenses) comes from the public’s tax money. But his salary (expenses) comes from the public taxpayers’ money, and there must be many people who do not agree.

He wears his badge as a necklace, imitating the main character in a TV drama, and he calls the prime minister “you” and dismisses him because he doesn’t like him. Moreover, the revelations that he promised to make about several politicians have not attracted much attention, and the revelations about young actresses, which have been the focus of attention for some time, have not attracted much attention either.

The NHK Party, the political party to which she belongs, has also been criticized.

“This time, since she is absent from the Diet again, there are growing calls for her resignation,” said a reporter from the political section of a national newspaper.

According to party leader Takashi Tachibana, speaking at the party’s regular press conference on October 7, Gyasi’s absence from the Diet “has been criticized by many people.

There was not a single word about expulsion or punishment in the Diet. (The request to appear in the Diet) is a rule of formality, and we are only sending out a notice to those who do not appear in the Diet.

He said that this is a rule of formality. He added, “I don’t know if Gyasi will be expelled.

I don’t believe that any expulsion or disciplinary action has been taken against Garcie, and I don’t believe that anyone in the legislature will take action against him,” he said.

He added, “I don’t believe that anyone from the Legislature is going to do anything about it.

However, he added, “If the House of Councillors decides to expel him, I honestly feel that we have no choice but to do so.

If the House of Councillors decides to expel him, I honestly feel that we have no choice but to do so,” he said, indicating his intention to comply with the expulsion.

Not all of the supporters of the NHK Party are fans of Gyasi. It is not impossible that those who have supported the party in the past may leave the party because of Gurthy’s presence.

He has been saying that he would fight to the Supreme Court if Gershie was expelled from the party, so I think he is in agony. He also said he wouldn’t be able to defend himself if public opinion turned tough.

Before that, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of progress in exposing the politicians that he had promised. It would be nice if Garcey would change direction, but if that doesn’t happen, I think a part of him really believes that he has no choice but to be expelled. This is because even if Gershey is expelled, it will not be particularly damaging to the party. The party’s political reporters will still be able to meet the party’s requirements because Taro Yamamoto, who is a member of the party, will be elected to the party.

(A reporter for a national newspaper reported that the party leader should urge Gyasi to resign, but if he did so, Gyasi would leave the party, which could damage the relationship between the two. Tachibana would probably want to avoid such a situation.

It is ironic that Gershie, who was supposed to be the one to corner Gershie for his revelations, is now being cornered from the national political arena….

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