Off-site battle occurs when Mainichi Newspaper reporter says to Hiroyuki, “It’s just an impression”? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Off-site battle occurs when Mainichi Newspaper reporter says to Hiroyuki, “It’s just an impression”?

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Hiroyuki is asked by a Mainichi Newspaper reporter who graduated from the University of Tokyo. How will he react?

A controversial tweet posted on October 8 by Kenta Miyahara, a reporter for the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper who is also active as a YouTube user.

It is wrong for a news program that people who do not have much knowledge of politics, such as Hiroyuki and Shosuke Tanihara, try to mention facts about the situation. All they can talk about is “just my opinion.

Hiroyuki is popular among young people for his sharp tongue on news programs and on his YouTube channel.

Shosuke Tanihara hosts “Mezamashi 8” (Fuji Television Network) and is sometimes talked about for his harsh opinions on politics and events. What kind of a person is Mr. Miyahara, who has such a strong opinion of these two men?

A look at his Twitter profile reveals the following

Miyahara is a Mainichi Shimbun reporter and YouTuber who worked at the Miyazaki bureau, Fukuoka headquarters, and the Tokyo Political Affairs Department, where he worked at the Prime Minister’s Office and political parties before taking charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I want to write good articles using the physical strength I developed in karate as a student and the sensitivity I cultivated in theater. Graduated from the University of Tokyo.

He introduced himself as a “graduate of the University of Tokyo.

The person who took a bite out of Miyahara’s tweet was former Daio Paper Corporation chairman Iitaka Igawa, who is also a “University of Tokyo” alumnus.

Is Mainichi Newspaper alright? The public is not allowed to express their opinions on politics because they don’t know anything about it. I’m a Tokyo University graduate just like him, so I’m allowed to express my opinion, right?

He criticized Miyahara in a series of posts.

Miyahara’s Twitter account was also ablaze with more than 1,000 comments.

Still, Miyahara did not delete the tweet and has been tweeting about the Kishida administration’s low approval ratings, among other topics. The Mainichi Shimbun seems to be keeping a quiet eye on the situation for now.

How will the “off-the-cuff battle” between Mr. Miyahara and Hiroyuki, who is a reporter for a historical newspaper, play out?

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