AKB48 Hitomi Honda competes with a popular store where you can feel like traveling to Korea⁉ | FRIDAY DIGITAL

AKB48 Hitomi Honda competes with a popular store where you can feel like traveling to Korea⁉

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On October 11, restrictions on entry from overseas were lifted, and a large number of foreign tourists have been visiting Japan for some time since the spread of the new corona infection. The number of people traveling from Japan to other countries is also increasing, and overseas travel has finally returned as a familiar leisure activity.

Amidst this trend, spots in Japan where visitors can enjoy the feeling of traveling abroad are gaining popularity. Especially popular among women are stores selling Korean foods, sundries, and cosmetics. In particular, the “Korea Shop ILSO ILSO” is attracting attention as a place where one can casually select trendy Korean items that can only be purchased in Shin-Okubo in Tokyo, Tsuruhashi in Osaka, or on e-commerce websites.

Starting on January 11, Hitomi Honda, former member of the Japan-Korea joint global group IZ*ONE and AKB48 member, will appear in a TV commercial (Kanto area). The commercial begins with a scene of a rendezvous in a park with a fountain, and the entire story is told from the perspective of the boyfriend. The commercial is designed to make the viewer feel as if they are on a date with her as she holds Korean sweets, sundries, cosmetics, and other items in her hands.

Honda was selected to play the center role for the first time in AKB48 59th single “It’s my ex-boyfriend” released in May this year. She is currently active in a variety of fields, appearing in magazines and TV programs, producing cosmetics, and starting her first starring role in a TV drama, “Nordic Diary (TV Tokyo).

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