The Mammy Sakai: Why does a Ferrari suit a scruffy comedian? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Mammy Sakai: Why does a Ferrari suit a scruffy comedian?

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Sakai of “The Mummy” is funny just standing there next to his Ferrari.

Keyakizaka-dori in Roppongi (Minato-ku), Tokyo, is known as a celebrity street where many ultra-luxury cars pass by on weekends. Standing next to it was a man wearing a yellow T-shirt, Takashi Sakai (30) of “The Mommy.

On that day, a variety show was filming on Keyakizaka Dori, and it seems that Sakai was filming a segment in which he visits celebrities who live in Roppongi Hills. The owner of the Ferrari was a man, and Mr. Sakai talked to him in front of the Ferrari, after which the entire crew entered the apartment.

Sakai is said to be a “bum comedian” who likes to gamble and has large debts. Despite his reputation, Sakai looks quite handsome standing next to his Ferrari on Keyakizaka Dori with his chubby stomach and short mustache. He looks like some celebrity president.

In fact, there is a rumor that Sakai is “quite a rich man. His parents live in a house in Meguro-ku and have a vacation home. His monthly allowance as a child was 30,000 yen. He is a gambler, no doubt, but there is a strong suspicion that he is a ‘business bum’ (laughs).

Sakai is a sought-after guest on variety shows. Even if he does not win a fortune by gambling, it may not be long before he becomes a Ferrari owner…

In fact, Sakai grew up as a “young lad. He even has a car at home just for going to his vacation home.

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