No interest in success, but popular with the ladies… TV Asahi’s Toru Tamagawa, a “twisted man” in his own right. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

No interest in success, but popular with the ladies… TV Asahi’s Toru Tamagawa, a “twisted man” in his own right.

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Toru Tamagawa is said to have a good reputation even within TV Asahi. We look forward to seeing what he will say after his suspension… (from the program’s official website)

TV Asahi staffer Toru Tamagawa is in a tight spot.

It all started with a comment he made on the September 28 broadcast of TV Asahi’s “Shinichi Hatori Morning Show. He said that former Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide’s eulogy at former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s state funeral was “Dentsu is in it.

Dentsu is in it,” he said.

The following day, on the 29th, he said.

“It was not true,” he apologized.

He apologized for this.

He appeared on the program as usual for a while after that, but the criticism did not subside, and the station announced his suspension from the program on the 4th of this month. Tamagawa was suspended from work for 10 days (excluding Saturdays and holidays) starting on the 5th.

The ratings for the “Morning Show” are tied for first place, and Mr. Tamagawa has been the driving force behind the ratings. His extreme views often cause viewers to lose interest in the show, and he has had numerous incidents of tongue-twisters in the past, but they have gone unanswered.

This time, however, he was dealing with the political world and Dentsu, a major agency, and could not get away with it. It seems that the sales bureau, which deals with the agency, has also been pushing him.

On the broadcast of the 5th, announcer Shinichi Hatori, the MC, said

I am very sorry for the inconvenience and discomfort caused by Mr. Tamagawa’s comments to people in various fields and viewers.

He continued. He continued.

Mr. Tamagawa will be back on Wednesday the week after next (the 19th).

He also reported

“At that time, I believe that he should explain again why he made such a comment and apologize for it.

I think he should explain again why he made this comment and apologize for it. It seems that even Hatori, a “close friend” of the reporter, was not able to cover for him this time.

There is a theory that Mr. Tamagawa will mention his own departure from the show in the broadcast on the 19th. As a TV Asahi staff member, his salary is not doubled just because he contributes to viewer ratings. For Mr. Tamagawa, it probably doesn’t matter when he leaves the board.

It is unprecedented for a TV station employee to be bashed so harshly by the public. The number of anti-TV people on the Internet has been increasing rapidly due to the way he has been talking. On the other hand, the “real” Mr. Tamagawa’s reputation is not bad in general. According to a source who knows Mr. Tamagawa.

He is said to be a man who “has the numbers” at TV Asahi, but he is not arrogant and is very frank. He is also very stylish, so I think he is popular with the ladies.

He has no desire for success, and he is a bit of a mosquito in the power struggle within the bureau. He may be a kind of “eccentric” because of his contribution to the station, but…”

In 2007, the Weekly Bunshun (a weekly magazine) reported that Mr. Tamagawa was dating a beautiful female doctor. In an interview, Tamagawa admitted to dating the doctor.

He is very kind.
He commented, “I’ve been living alone my whole life, so I’m starved for kindness…”

He also commented, “I’ve been living alone all my life, so I’m hungry for kindness….

Normally, it would be better to say, ‘Please go through the public relations department,’ but Mr. Tamagawa was treated differently. Perhaps he thought it was reasonable to speak properly as a member of the media. After the article was published, he grumbled that he had been “badly hurt” (laughs).

A person who encountered Mr. Tamagawa at a bar frequented by media representatives also commented.

He had resigned himself to the fact that what he said in the program was making the Internet news day after day, saying, ‘I have my feelings about it, but there is nothing I can do about it. However, he seemed to be checking “how it was reported” and remembered stories from years ago, such as, “00 wrote a joke,” and “00 was grateful to me for defending him at that time. Basically, it was a fun drink.”

What will Mr. Tamagawa, who will return to the program on the 19th, have to say about his suspension?

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