Trauden also praised! Miss Teen” GP is an active high school student from Kyoto | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Trauden also praised! Miss Teen” GP is an active high school student from Kyoto

The grand prix winner, chosen from among 4,719 applicants, was a high school senior from Kyoto. Yua Niikawa, Yuna Taira, and Naomi Trauden also attended the event as supporting ambassadors.

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Shinbyo Tsujimura, winner of the grand prix for Miss Teen Japan 2023, is a high school senior who will celebrate her 18th birthday on October 28 and plans to go on to college after graduation. (Photo by Kazuhiko Nakamura)

I call myself “Kokone,” which means “heart” and “echo. I want to be an actress or model with a presence and influence that will touch the hearts of as many people as my name suggests.

The one who introduced herself with a somewhat nervous expression on her face but in a clear and crisp voice was Ms. Shinbyo Tsujimura, who won the Grand Prix at the famous Miss Teen Japan 2023 finals held in Tokyo on October 9. She is a 17-year-old senior high school student from Kyoto Prefecture who currently serves as vice president of the brass band club and has no experience in performing arts.

The contest has been held annually since 2011, and this year marks the 12th time it has been held. The contest has produced models and actresses active in a variety of fields, such as Naomi Trauden, Hiroe Igata, and Oto Shida.

At the finals held on this day, 14 finalists took the stage after winning the document screening of 4,719 applications and the preliminary contests held in various parts of the country from Hokkaido to Kyushu. They presented their walking, special skills, and self PR.

Mr. Tsujimura, the grand prix winner, showed his drumming, which he trained as a percussionist in a brass band and also practices as a hobby. His performance was a complete turnaround from the relaxed atmosphere of his self-introduction, and his powerful playing, with a mix of slow and fast movements and strong and weak moments, captivated the judges.

Yua Niikawa (28), Yuna Taira (23), and Naomi Trauden (23), who took the stage as support ambassadors, also praised her.

From left in the front row, Yuna Taira, Yua Niikawa, and Naomi Trauden.

Trauden, who was born in the same contest and grew up in the same city of Kyoto, was particularly impressed with her.

In the entertainment business, it is important to know who you are. I think it’s important to be yourself in the entertainment business, so you have to be careful how you spend your free time and your spare time. I hope you can be your “good self. I’m rooting for you!

She sent warm encouragement and advice to the contestants, as if she were talking to her own sister.

The winners of the “Miss Teen Japan 2023 Finals” are as follows

Grand Prix: Kokone Tsujimura, 17, from Kyoto
Runner-up: Burn Majuri, 13, from Saitama Prefecture
D-UP Award: Chisaki Kubo, 14, from Hokkaido, Japan

Trauden, who won the Grand Prix of the same contest 10 years ago, is from Kyoto, the same city as this year’s Grand Prix winner, Tsujimura. She followed up her junior competitors with a mixture of laughter when talking about her hometown.
  • Photo by Kazuhiko Nakamura

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