A battle between plainclothes policemen and women… The “Prostitution Internet Cafe” Now | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A battle between plainclothes policemen and women… The “Prostitution Internet Cafe” Now

Grand Castama Kabukicho" in Kabukicho is used as a "prostitution Internet cafe" by some young women. What is really going on there?

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Grand Castama Kabukicho” in May of this year. Girls who appeared to be underage entered the store one after another. It is not uncommon for plainclothes police officers to look around inside.

GranCastama Kabukicho is rumored to have become a “prostitution Internet cafe” in Kabukicho, selling completely private rooms and soundproofing. FRIDAY” reported on an undercover visit in June, and on a certain day in October, four months later, we visited the store again. The reason for the return visit was a tip from a host working in Kabukicho.

There is a lounge on the basement floor where you can eat curry for free. Negotiations are all done through social networking sites. The system is that the girls go into the private room that the man has taken after him. The other day, there was a girl who intentionally spread her skirt legs to show her underpants while giving me a look. It seems that the police do not leave this situation unattended, and recently I often see police officers patrolling the store and some plainclothes police officers standing around. The girls might be in serious trouble.

However, looking around outside and around the store, I don’t know if there are any plainclothes police officers standing around. The inside of the building is brand new, neatly cleaned, and clean-looking. The rooms are completely private with no open ceilings, and even have air conditioning and locks. In the basement there is a large bathroom with a Jacuzzi, and with a 12-hour package price of 3,190 yen (tax included), it is no wonder that young people use this place as a “love hotel”.

When I went to the lounge on the first basement floor, which I had heard rumors about, I found several women who looked like them, although a waiting room of a sex store would be an exaggeration. They were all around 20 years old, and the common denominator was that they were in an Internet cafe, but they were not reading manga or entering their rooms, and were playing with their phones all the time. However, their expressions were not very flirty. As I listened carefully to their conversations, I overheard one of them say something like this.

There are a lot of cops around these days, aren’t there?

There are many, many police. I see police at the front desk all the time, and the other day, about 10 of them came into the store. They said there was a customer who was unconscious.

There are also a lot of plainclothes police outside the restaurant. They were there today, too.

I was questioned by the police within seconds of leaving the store.

The police have begun to take serious action, and the word has spread among regular customers and girls alike. Nevertheless, the girls have not quit the act of prostitution. The reason for this is.

Even if no customers show up, I can stay here in a private room for a low price, and it’s safer than being outside. I’ve been approached by the police, but I’ve never been caught.

We walked around the store, and it is true that it may be difficult to catch the scene of prostitution since the rooms are completely private. However, the police are not going to let prostitution in Internet cafes go unchecked forever, and the day of detection may be near.

When we asked a representative of Sirius Corporation, which operates GrandCustomer, about the current situation and what measures they are currently taking, he replied, “We don’t know anything about it.

The answer was, “We don’t know anything about that.

The answer was, “We don’t know anything about that. When we asked about the “prostitution cafes” in the Kabukicho area, he replied

I am not sure, but I think it is not limited to us that people call us that because of the nature of Kabukicho.

It seems that this “wrangling” will not end for the time being.

  • PHOTO Takayuki Ogawauchi

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